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Blood in the urine after the 'love'

Kids 22 years, the relationship with his girlfriend after a time, urinating see a lot of blood.

Fat Planet Found

Pay attention to the weight! HAT-P-2b, a fat little planet with gravity so strong that a person weighing 70 kg on Earth near when there will be heavier than 1 ton.

Violent stellar explosions amazing astronomers

It is the brightest star explosions and releases the most energy ever known, and may be the first evidence of a new type of supernova nova is "run" by antimatter engines.

8 weaken agent capable men

The heart is pumping blood to organs throughout the body, helping to "penis" erection. Any agent that affects the heart and affect "small boy".

The legend gladiator in the Roman villa

A new mosaic was discovered depicting a famous gladiator, who won the hearts of many Romans, like the character played by Russell Crowe Maximus in Gladiator's close US in 2000.

Colorants for dyeing silk without

Why bother to dye silk when silkworms can be genetically engineered to produce any color in the rainbow? That is the goal of Japanese scientists as their medium to transgenic silkworms produce colored silk certain.

Wife to leave her husband and children busy

I am 37 years old, state employees, have two children, the job is not too busy. Wife trafficking. Knowing his wife busy, I assume care homes, children rush every time.

Israel made the sex test

Israeli scientists have developed a test can determine objectively the extent of sex desire someone.

Run the project 'Encyclopedia of Life'

The world's scientists are expected to compile all the information on all 1.8 million known species on Earth and came up a web site open to everyone.

19 restaurants with unique interior world

Beautiful space for the shop to help create a good impression of no less quality food and drink.

The Romans built the astronomically

The ancient Romans had made their towns based on the path of the celestial bodies in the sky.

Season of conception affect academic performance

The moment a woman can conceive in affect later learning outcomes of children.

Apartment 50 m2 with two-tone black and white

Whatever colors and simple furniture house in Poznan (Poland) was very cozy.

Ceilings affect thinking

Researchers at the University of Minnesota, US, said the ceiling height can affect the problem-solving skills and behavior, by the early primer on the concept promotes a certain type of brain processing .

Why locusts have power of Lance Armstrong?

Equipped with long legs, stocky, and well as Lance Armstrong, grasshoppers is to fly and jump. A scientist recently told the 20 species join a dance contest and found them identical to those hopscotch.