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Open space of 105 m2 apartment

The home's main desire is to create a large living area, full of light instead of the retail division multiple rooms.

Discovered pyramid treasure in Bolivia

Archaeologists have discovered the 1,300 year-old skeleton of a monk of the ancient Tiwanaku civilization, along with a lot of valuable jewelry in a pyramid in western Bolivia.

Perfectionist prone to stress

The perfectionist susceptible to the impacts of social psychology than those with mood. This reaction will lead to health hazards, Swiss researchers said.

12 the men outperform women

It is believed that the strength of a woman lies in the power of voice while men are in the muscles.

Decoding Mercury's mysteries

Tiny Mercury, the innermost planet of the solar system, it seems there's a semi-solid. The finding could help explain the weak magnetic field of the planet.

General learning brain - scientific or false?

In 1927, Dr. Edgar Beall - an American study brain minister - called to court as a witness to a murder. Here, he has published his research on the skull shape of the accused Rush Snyder and concluded that she had "face like a cat plowshares".

These exciting changes after marriage

If she replaced her clothes always make him a new love interest while on the other hand, you have a couple, she calmly dressing that he did not ripple of desire, because both are about ... late hours.

Found Britons are descendants of Native Americans

DNA tests have discovered two white women who are descendants of the British Indians, was purchased here from centuries ago as slaves, the interpreter or tribal representatives .

Not like returning to Earth

If selected, the Russian astronaut will never want to return to Earth. That is at least in part they liked his work.

10 people where the world's oldest

Singapore, France, Monaco is the land where people live longer life elsewhere, according to a survey by the WHO and the CIA.

The interesting thing about the Earth's magnetic field

As Earth's protective shield, but the shield is invisible, so no one can see Earth's magnetic field. However, the main aurora revealed to us - the "mortal flesh eyes" - knows where it is.

There are state between life and death?

There may be a state in the boundaries of life and death! The author of a research article had said that a group of organisms, tissues and cells that can survive in the same condition as the overslept.

Moments sometimes catch gay son born

Moments of gay couples in Canada has welcomed son named Milo birth in hospital was photographer Lindsay Foster recorded that many people moved.

Discovered many rare plants in ancient caves in the US

Trees oldest Cone North America and some parts of the ancient scorpion is a legacy few of the new fossil was discovered in a cave in Illinois, USA.

Discovered the tomb of King Herod

Israeli scientists have found the tomb of Herod the Great - Jewish emperor of the Roman empire in the ancient Judea.