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Affirming the wolf cloning was true in Korea

The internal investigation of Seoul National University said the study by a team of scientists in this field are true: they have cloned two wolves.

Spider venom - natural Viagra

A Brazilian spider bites are not only painful but also bring more horror for the victims. Its poison makes "your" standing in for hours. Now scientists have found a chemical that acts as natural Viagra.

4 benefits of tomatoes with skin

Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals to get you healthy, have a bright skin.

Password human thoughts

What do you think if there is one day in the future, you can unlock your door or access your bank account just by "thinking" to unlock password? It's not so far-fetched.

The battle of duck sex

Ducks have grown so complex genitals during the "arms race" between two opposite sex and children always seem formidable.

Food causes muscle soreness

A sudden severe pain strikes suddenly and muscle stiffness are signs of fibromyalgia.

Gel super hatch 'clean' chemical spillage

Japanese chemists have devised genes swell to 500 times the original size when exposed to solvents - a feature that can be exploited to absorb toxic industrial chemicals fall scattered, spilled.

Guess personality through color shoes

Like green shoes, would you be the psychological state has a balanced and compassionate. If the shoes are often dirty, then its owner may have bad habits is little or jealous of others.

Comfortable life in the cave

Unique not only by location, hotels, restaurants or in a cave villa also has an impressive interior design.

Language affects color vision

The native Russian speakers distinguish dark blue and light blue differently than English speakers. A recent study of color perception have shown that the language that you speak can affect the way you see the world.

The world is walking faster

A study of cities around the world have found that people who walk the beat is growing at breakneck speed to go with when they move from one place to another, seem to cram as many kilometers as possible in every day.

'Pharmaceutical Spirit' in the kitchen for women

Fennel has anti-inflammatory properties, help women menstrual pain, prevent cancer. Cauliflower, carrots anti-aging, skin beauty should be very good for women.

Doing good makes you happy

Michael Steger, a psychologist at the State University of Louisville in Kentucky, USA, always wondering, what makes people happy - seeking fun or is working well?

Detecting multiple vertical cave on a cliff in Nepal

The explorers have discovered a series of caves decorated with Buddha figures, on a vertical cliff in northern Himalayas in Nepal. The findings have led the researchers excited and amazed.

Sea Dragon - myth and reality

When flying close to the Indian Ocean on the last day of 1968, two Soviet pilots looked gigantic monsters solid form. They are not the only ones having "sea dragon", a creature whose existence has been studied since the 13th century.