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Exercise or retching when children eat

Only baby food using pulverization and hope things will stabilize when older children are the common mistakes of many parents. Instead, training should help her persevere eat food ascending crudeness.

PEX polymers - materials Quick fixes traffic works

The scientists of the Institute of Science and Technology of Transport has studied and successfully produced PEX Polymer material used for quick repair works traffic.

There can be no friendship between men and women

The relationship between men friends create respect, between the girls admired, however, friendships between men and women are generally viewed with suspicion, even hostility. We try to find out some of the reasons behind this attitude.

The common oral diseases in children

Under 6 months of age, periodontal disease is primarily in young canine, thrush. In addition to 6 months to 3 years old, children can taste mouth ulcers, gingivitis or inflamed tongue level chronic map.

Funny sandwich toaster

Every morning, you are so bored monotone baked cakes to prepare meals for the family. New style toaster can produce images cute funny help your meals more vivid.

Swans feeding fish

In Safari zoo in the city of Shenzhen, China, every day repeating a strange sight that any visitor would have to see: black swan feeding fish.

The utility boxes in the apartment 14 m2

You will arrange sleeping accommodation, education, how useful storage in a small area like that. Here is the solution of the Russian architects.

Sex causes ticks to 100 times

Sex can make you overweight if you are a female tick. After mating, a female tick can be enlarged up to 100 times their original size.

Predictions genius Leonardo da Vinci

15th century, Leonardo da Vinci had foretold the existence of these means only 400-500 years later launched as the telephone or television. And many new devices actually appear in his blueprint for years.

Why eat fruits and vegetables does not help lose weight

According to a recent study from the US overall, eat more fruits and vegetables is generally good, but does not help you lose weight.

Big brain does not mean smarter

Many suggested that the human brain of developing nations have a larger mass. This is incorrect. By British brain weighs nearly 1,350 average g, 130 g less than a less developed nations are Buriat.

Russia successfully made painless needles

The experts of the corporation "SSKB-Progress", one of the industry group leading Russian space specialist fabrication boosters, has succeeded in making the type needle virtually painless for the patient .

The causes of memory loss

Most people have a habit of doing many things at once. In the long run, this can lead to mental disorders, stress and memory loss.

These works from the afterlife

From an uneducated housewife, Pearl Curran, USA, has become well-known writer with dozens of valuable works. In particular, she insists, I do not write to the farm office, but poetry was written, the word "read" by a woman from two centuries ago.

Select bouquet matching the bride

Green concrete is the dominant color of this year's trend of wedding flowers. Blue orchid bouquet, pink hydrangeas and a haughty expression, elegance of the bride.