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6 things that spouses often contradictory

Money is often the cause of much controversy. Too different spouses on how to spend without talking uniform, many lead to heated argument.

Soap flavored coffee

A new kind of soap containing caffeine will help those who do not have time to shower in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Rearrange furniture for the house 3 floors

Thanks to architect redesigned couple of bedroom furniture with luxurious deep tones, green room youthful son personality, gentle pink girls room.

People who stay away makes life difficult

A study by the University of Glasgow, Scotland, carried out on 4,000 couples found too painful for her lost half that the rest also easily die.

Cucumber or banana?

Come, gentlemen, when in bed, he was cucumber or banana? The sex expert has released a new tool for men list can self assess "darling" of his.

Life lessons from the letter of former Taiwanese politician

Sun Yun-suan former head of the Taiwan authorities. The letter he sent his son to share the lessons from actual experience, which is spread so deep meaning.

Civet 4 finger like 'relationship 1 night'

Civet 4 toed, famous for cooperative behavior in groups, where each member has a certain position. But the researchers did find a sign of insubordination in the subordinate male members.

Why prefer the fruit flies 'vomiting'?

A smelly fruit Polynesian dubbed "vomit fruit" because it can make most predators away, except for one species of fruit fly.

Girlfriend was refused confession

Right from the time I had met with her feelings. I was interested to worry and emotional expression, but she refused.

Jokes about sneezing

The language experts analyze how people sneezing said their sneezing style closely associated with sex, either express personality.

Detecting Earth-like planets pole

Astronomers have discovered the most Earth-like planet to date, outside our solar system, where the water can flow to the surface.

Humans become infected by the aliens?

While questions have aliens or not has not been answered is the "disease fiction" was promptly launched a project on the disease, "infectious alien DNA", with full reasons, symptoms and treatment regimens.

Reasons not to compare your child with other children

Whether it's baby's siblings or children of friends, the comparison would make him feel hurt self-esteem and feel really bad.

Hospital luxurious Renaissance hotel

The guests drink taken from the cellar and enjoy dishes made from ingredients grown onsite. They are enthusiastic and take care of the property in splendor, surrounded by gardens and the artwork of master painter Europe.

No intelligence can still get rich

You do not have new information can be rich. Those with below average IQ are more prosperous as those who mind, a survey in the US showed that.