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Chinese make artificial snow in Tibet

For the first time, China has succeeded in creating artificial snow in the northern part of Tibet Autonomous Region, the local meteorological agency said.

Space flowers in rented apartment 68 m2

No costly amendment, she and her husband Whitney Walker (Texas, USA) has made friends with admiring his rented apartment.

Moisture resistant for home and work

One of the causes for the structure of the houses and buildings are destroyed water. Has a lot of traditional methods of moisture, but is not effective in a perfect, moist air that is still seep into the wall.

These types of lockers tidy bedroom

Where to sleep without a large area, you consider the solution as wall cabinets, storage under the bed or furniture cabinet walls.

Why raindrops different sizes?

Because they are not falling from the same height and shape of them metamorphosed during fall.

United birth to charm the birds

The different shapes of tropical flowers, from the flowers to bloom to the elongated tubular, is to help the birds and bats easily put mine on to pollinate the flowers.

10 great habits of successful people

Successful people always pursue its goals with a positive attitude to life. They rarely talk about their secrets and great habits.

City 360

Tables and chairs are something so ordinary swing, the swing is not something new, but the whole city revolves, the results are so amazing. But it is the project of High Rise Real Estate Company in the United Arab Emirates.

Dinosaur Found in Utah eaten shark

In an icy region in the state of Utah, USA Early Jurassic period, recently people have discovered a species of large predatory dinosaurs had never known, a new shark species, at least 3 different fish species and 3 new species.

Why women in trouble

It is often said that the mystery of the woman's heart and sudden deep as the ocean. But exactly what makes women really trouble?

Japan would launch artificial satellites to the Moon

SILENE Japanese satellite launched in August to prepare for a campaign to lunar exploration and research the origins and evolution of this celestial body.

Comparison between him and her happy

Women should have plump breasts, and men should have a purse full, so that will appeal to each other. Some even said, women and men as cats with dogs, forever unable to actually talk and exchange with each other.

Preparation before pregnancy for both spouses

Husband should eat all the nutrients, avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing, sitting too long, a little dip in the tub ... She stopped the pill, IUD removal, remove implants ...

Transsexual for poplar

The poplars in Beijing, China, is preparing to be "gender reassignment surgery" to prevent pollen they produce around the city, causing asthma and allergies in people.

Festival celebrates twin twin koalas

Festival the first twins to be held in Guangdong Province, China from 22/4 to 31/5, on the anniversary of the birth of the couple's twin koalas only living in the world, in a this local park.