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The disease should be suspected when chest pain

Chest pain is a common symptom and has many causes, including the dangerous disease, rapid progression, such as coronary artery disease, aortic dissection or pulmonary embolism.

To eat late at night without gaining weight

There is an erroneous opinion that every late-night eating will gain weight. In fact, when you eat is not important. Whether you increase or decrease, or maintain body weight are provided on the amount of calories you eat and burn each day.

10 Secrets surprised female private parts

The clitoris is the only organ of human existence with a purpose of creating sexual pleasure. This department never aging.

10 women often make errors when in love

Many women understand how to think and how mistakes. To prevent broken relationships, women must understand that other men with them.

Stress as also did the job for young managers

I just graduated from school, less life experience, the experience was not much communication. I just get a job but overwhelmed when doing the job of managing the production schedule of the business.

Decorate the facade townhouses 5m

Style townhouses selling classic choice is the trend of many families in urban areas, especially those successful couples in middle age.

5 things not to do in a marriage

Lack of respect for your partner, too much expectation on him, interrupted when he is talking, gossiping wife / husband with another person, arguing before the children can ruin your marriage.

Considerations when online dating

Before you start looking for the other half through the network, please refer to the safety rules to keep for yourself. Here are 7 things you need to consider.

Less known benefits of blood donation

You will be rescued 3 people with every blood donation. And donors are so amazing that not only benefits the recipient, but also beneficial to the donor.

The best part of the vegetables often peeling away

Beetroot leaves rich in fiber, calcium, iron, vitamins A and K, taste half as beets, half as kale, delicious. But when cooking, housewives often cut off the leaves away.

Principles live help is always young and beautiful sisters

Women absorb more vitamin D decreased 99% risk of polycystic ovary syndrome. Just 20 minutes of sun exposure per day is enough for you to get the source for vitamin D from sunlight.

Or vomiting when brushing

Recently I've been vomiting when brushing teeth, thought that by brush or toothpaste but not. I've changed a lot but still be kind. My health is normal. Please ask your doctor how the stars you? (Purge)

Where many bacteria you are exposed every day

Remote control, electric light switches are at least 2 soiled items hotel room. Supermarket trolley is inhabited by bacteria from other shoppers or germs from raw meat.

How to make him happy in the 'sex'

Many women worry about how their men happy in the love. Some simple suggestions will help you and who had succeeded the first time applied.

Lost limbs because of bacteria-eating

A young British fathers have lost legs, left arm and disfigured faces because the bacteria infection "cannibalism".