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Yangtze River pollution 'irreversible'

Much of China's longest river, the Yangtze , was heavily polluted as to be saved. About 1-in-10 6,200 km long river is in a state of "endangered" and 30% of the major tributaries are seriously polluted.

As well as our genius

Everyone has heard about a mad professor or an absent-minded scientist. But looking into the defects and abnormal normal of a few great minds reveals that geniuses we are also identical.

Bears do not hibernate because of overheating

Never before in Russia there is a warm winter so since ever. Usually in October the bear's hibernation season, but this year the Russian bear was unable to sleep because the temperature is too high.

Helping eye fatigue when working with computers

The number of people wearing glasses is increasing. Using computers, mobile phones and tablets often make you pay dearly.

Successfully manufactured micro lights

US researchers have developed a light emitting device smallest ever. "Micro Lamp" was created by a nanofiber with a width of just 200 nm (1 nm by a billionth of a meter).

French team put up a 'green'

French postal office, La Poste, is expected to order 10,000 electric car courier, vehicles are considered much cleaner and more economical cars or trucks.

12 foods that help increase height

Calcium-rich seafood, spinach, carrots, eggs, oatmeal ... that these foods help you higher.

The most popular jobs

Firefighters, pastors and those who do the work to help or serve others are satisfied with their jobs and more happiness than those who do other jobs.

Lucky gods smile at you?

There are always lucky gods smiled, others are experiencing god ... unlucky. In fact, the main character of the luck you make. Take the quiz below to see if you are the lucky person or says!

These small but useful inventions

There are great little inventions but extremely useful for daily operations of us. Machine peeled eggs or brush shoes will be friends invaluable support for the housewives.

Food costs and benefits for patients with hypertension

Abstain or limit eating sweet fruits like mango, jackfruit, litchi fresh or dried; Olive oil, sunflower, soy instead of fat, coconut oil, peanut ...

Portable surgical robot

The scientists and doctors at the University of Washington (USA) is preparing to perform remote surgeries in the universe with the help of a portable medical robot.

RECONSTRUCTION world's oldest trunk

Woody plants in the world first high near 9 meters and looks like a modern palm, scientists said after he reconstructed it.

Management when she stings

Children are very or insect bites, mosquitoes and bees Common. Lightweight, the painful, just look at the wound site.

Printer ... Bone

The researchers have developed a computer system and use 3D printers to create ceramic pieces biological implants for bone regeneration or transplantation.