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Some people can not nonfat

Scientists have found that the relationship between genes and the markedly obese. Accordingly, those with two versions of a fat gene will be more than 70% risk of being obese than those without this gene, and about 3 kg heavier.

9 combinations opposed furniture style

If you're a personality, like the strange, try to combine the modern style chairs and a rustic wooden table.

What men look on nudity?

A new study found men tend to look at the first face of the nudity rather than other parts of the body.

Drink plenty of water to help quit easier

A slice of cheese, a glass of water and a plate of broccoli have in common? A new study found eating one of these items will lose the taste of tobacco.

The distinction living room before and after repair

Living room is where the first impression with your guests so do not hesitate to invest to get comfortable space, comfort.

Termites are a social cockroaches

British scientists claim they have the strongest evidence to date that actually belongs to the bond portfolio.

When does the spider fly?

You think that only his new Spider-Man fly? Just wrong. Be aware the cloudy autumn day or day of spring, there are many orbs hovering in the air - the spiders are looking for somewhere to park food and wings.

Kept secret love of Facebook

Never tag him in the articles or photos, not published form two separate shooting ... is how to protect the eyes of love from the followers on the social network.

Birthday and fashion

Famous people often represent the position of the zodiac. Depending on your birthday, let's do a test to see if you like them in view of fashion shopping, OK?

The more you know the easier learning 'on'

We learn better when new knowledge geared to the old knowledge. The researchers announced the discovery in mice may explain human learning process.

9 important lesson should teach her daughter's father

Father to help her daughter to recognize the features of yourself, understand that you are special and unique.

The farm buildings on

Imagine the 30-story building became the farms supplying fruits, vegetables ... and also to generate clean energy and waste water purification. Just 150 such buildings, according to Dr. Dickson Despommier, which could feed the whole of New York in 1 year.

More attractive chocolate kiss

The taste of chocolate gives a euphoric feeling kiss. A new study found moments to melt in the mouth chocolate bring pleasure to 4 times higher than lip lock.

Emotional control absolute way to avoid angry and overreacted

When angry or upset, instead of making things messing up, you let your busy mind to avoid having to think about something unpleasant past.

Probe proves Einstein right

The initial results from the probe by NASA designed to verify two important theories of Einstein showed great scientist correct at least 1 in 2 cases.