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Back investigation Korean scientists

Statement by a group of South Korean scientists on creating the first cloned wolves were put into perspective by the official investigation universities where they work.

Recipes for eating corpses doctoral universities

University exam stress is approaching and if you have children preparing for the exam, please make sure you have a reasonable diet.

Earth ancient purple

Ancient life on earth once covered a purple, not blue as it is now. Ancient microbes might have used a molecule other than chlorophyll to harness sunlight, and it is this quality gives purple creatures.

Tricycles airborne

After 6 years of research, John Bakker, the Netherlands, has established a team and recruit people to start PAL-V Europe project (car parking bay and individuals).

Select the appropriate lighting for kitchens

Cooking area for layout requires both sophisticated and subtle light than before. If arranged additional table, you also need a cozy space lighting.

'West Liang female country' re-export in China

China will create a "West Liang female country" first in the world, where all the decisions of women and men who do not comply will be punished.

High IQ does not mean smart

Saying, "He has a low IQ" is often used as a euphemism when referring to someone slightly goofy. This judgment is far from reality.

The color and the human psyche

The experiment of the Austrian psychologist demonstrated that if we use green chalk writing on the blackboard fawn will help students focus more thinking, enhance memory, to preserve some degree of vision certain.

'Penis' pimples that affect reproductive health

Em, 23, do not know why around the glans groove with some tiny particles floating white.

Recipe for paving burgers

British scientists have found that the recipe for bacon sandwiches perfect, after 1,000 hours of testing on over 700 different types of cakes are much loved.

Journey to find the same elected waist

Beautiful and unusual gourds waist was Le Van Thi Han Nom students of Hue University of Sciences in search and bred successfully. The theme "Hue waist Election" was awarded first prize in the competition "Creative Ideas life companion" in Thua Thien - Hue.

Women are born more susceptible to heart disease children

Increased risk of heart disease twice in women with 4 or more children, compared to others.

Dog feces goodbye

A Dutch food company claims to have eliminated from dog feces trouble by creating a food that hardly leave any waste.

Now just died

An explorer go to Amazon and cannibal tribes were arrested.

Found brilliant red square in the universe

Astronomers have shutters are disproportionate celestial objects and the brightest, lies our galaxy is only 5,000 light-years.