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2 weeks living underwater

An Australian marine biologist who has started an unusual experiment to test the limits of human endurance - he will live under water two weeks.

Project ideas connected with reality

Rather than risk being shelved, many scientific research projects of the award-winning students will have access to businesses and individuals and have the opportunity to turn into reality through Project Green Sony.

Autistic children enjoy while mom pesticide exposure

Living near fields or farms using pesticides increases the risk of autism births to 60% of pregnant women.

Camera know 'adjust' people with bad behavior

The British government is expected to expand plans to install surveillance cameras mounted inside speakers, allowing the operator to be blamed for the bad behavior in the streets.

Build with ... printer

The British researchers are building a machine the size of a room in which the use of modern techniques stereotypes to print out the complete wall including brick, plaster, windows, insulation materials and cable electricity.

Lover demanded a new trial relations wedding

Kids 22 years old, 28-year-old lover, know each 6 months. He said he would agree to marry but I know there are relationships to be faithful or not.

Russia risks falling behind in the field of space

The American team prepare for the retirement of the space shuttle the next 3 years will make Russia plays a key role in bringing the crew and cargo to the international space station. But experts and Russian cosmonaut worried.

Brush 'witchcraft' objects into stealth

Researchers from Purdue University (USA) have designed a brush-like device that allows someday make the big objects such as aircraft became the light disappeared.

Baby all day sweating is what disease

My 2 year old son and a half. I sweat a lot, throughout the day and night. Her hair always flat again. So do not know what your child is sick and no way do not sweat? (Valve)

Kazakhstan owes to save Dead Sea

Government of Kazakhstan has been a multi-million dollar loan from the World Bank to save the Aral Sea - a man-made environmental disaster the worst in history.

Do not just watch TV dinner fit

Either way you should also have dinner with the family. But do not turn on the TV at the same time. A new study that found that the dinner will lose its effect when people ate while glued to the screen.

800 year old home village church generals Kieu

Penglai family (Wujin, Vu Thu, Thai Binh) has from the 13th century, many times due to renovations have badly damaged.

US billionaires to the international space station

The Russian spacecraft carrying two cosmonauts and billionaire Charles Simoniyi went to the International Space Station (ISS) this morning at 2h10

Help children control anger

Aggression originates from the fury usually begin to appear in toddlers. This young "aggressive" than all other age groups. The limitations of language can be the cause.

Earth will end up like?

If we survive the next drought episodes, through unpredictable consequences of climate change, and even if the ageless research into reality, and you can live next few billion years, the end and all of us will also mortal.