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Check the stability of friendship

You want to know whether your network of friends will endure or broken? The researchers have found a key to the sustainability of the relationship.

Cauliflower can prevent cancer 5

Cauliflower and other vegetables, vitamins and antioxidants for good health. But not many know that it has the ability to prevent cancer.

Discovered ancient tombs containing Roman treasure

Archaeologists on a Greek island have found a large tomb of the ancient Roman period containing a lot of gold jewelry, pottery and rare copper.

Why do some dogs never grow?

From the tiny Chihuahua dog that can fit in a handbag, to giant hounds, dogs aggressive ... caused headaches scientists because of their diverse sizes.

Body odd ostrich help fast

Many argue that the same body of ostrich eggs making them look clumsy run. But a new study found odd shape of the animal actually helps these flightless birds rhythmic motion while running.

10 things to know about contraception

Pill will lose the protective effect even though only one day of use. Therefore it should be noted use other measures if a dose is dropped.

Physical exercise improves willpower

Willpower is like muscle strength. Some people have more than others. But it is possible to increase your willpower by exercising.

Memory glitch creates memories of past lives

Mysterious story about people who believe that they served as an Indian princess or a regeneration officer in this life is more likely the product of a deviant form of memory, new research says.

5 habits of parents spoiling their children

As parents, sometimes we too easily ignore the faults of their children. We deceive ourselves by thinking bad habits of children into the advantages.

Odorless durian birth

After 3 decades of research, a scientist Thailand announced has created durian varieties emit no odor "very uncomfortable" with some people.

US billionaire in space

Russian rocket propulsion gave American billionaire - who participated in developing Microsoft Word - into space last night. Charles Simonyi, and two astronaut anymore, there will be two day journey to the International Space Station.

5 sentence intelligent man never asked his wife

Questions like, "He must go home to my parents à", "Now I enjoy doing 'sex' no '," How much is this "... could spark explosion between you and your spouse.

The smell of a new car is not toxic

Stifling smell of plastic skin of new cars make it difficult to breathe, but it seems there is nothing harmful, although it can exacerbate allergies.

Sumatran striped rabbit discovered in

One of the most endangered species of rabbit newly discovered world, the 3rd during the last 35 years.

Touching the outside may become pregnant not

When menstruating girls first day, while inversely, "small boy" of children with primary external collision with "her" girlfriend.