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Architects announced decoding mysterious pyramid

Only by a twisted ramps, the ancient Egyptians were pulling the giant stone up to build the great pyramid of Cheops - a French architect claims.

Jellyfish have the eyes of the

A special eyes, similar to those of people, helped the venomous box jellyfish avoid crashing into obstacles while swimming across the sea floor.

Wise reaction when her husband of adultery

Husband discovered affair, you do not expect him to regret, apologize because he still have feelings for each other intensely, and you've played the wicked divisions.

Salons for personality

You're the aggressive, suddenly want to become benign. You are shy and want a dynamic person? This may be true at the center of "cosmetic pharmacology psychology".

Self-designed villa of lawyer in Saigon

Self-up ideas, drawings, find materials, construction supervision, lawyer Thu Van (District 9, HCM City) has created living space that suits you.

Elderly men decreased libido due to lack of sleep

Older men are no longer interested in sex because they are not strong enough testosterone - the sex hormone produced during sleep.

Mysterious past life memories

A British girl has amazed everyone started speaking in different languages ​​in one morning after waking up. She did not even understand English, do not recognize his parents and always fearful ...

Burning Route offensive line with implantation

Kids 30 years old, married 32-year-old. I had a termination of pregnancy at 27 weeks because the fetus is not developed, no known cause.

Automatic fire-fighting system

"Can not put out the fire for large outbreaks. In particular, does the stamping room fire in that room ..." Chu Xuan Dinh him, working in Daklak, introduced its fire protection system.

Marathon in space and extreme tiredness

Astronaut Sunita Williams plans to participate in the competition in the Boston Marathon next 16/4 days tied his status on the treadmill on the International Space Station.

Her impulse signals 'love'

Famous daughter, "said there is no" so many boys had difficulty understanding the signals her service offering, especially in sexual activity.

Balloon generator

A Canadian company is developing a balloon-like machine can be obtained at an altitude of 300 meters winds in the sky.

New poor 'eyes' for the money

The brains of the rich little excited before the bonus is small compared to the poor, a new study discovered that.

Premature ejaculation is due to prolonged masturbation

Please consult your doctor, if premature ejaculation by masturbation in the long run, it can not be cured and can affect the baby later? (Cancel).

Penguin running on a treadmill

This game is not peculiar to reduce fat, but to help the scientists to track the effects of overfishing.