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Solar electric vehicles

Student Science Technology Group, Can Tho University, recently introduced two rechargeable electric cars and solar power.

Prehistoric men like fat women

The boys enjoyed the cave era girls portly figure. Dozens of flint figurines unearthed in an ancient hunting grounds in Poland has revealed that.

Signal you need to eat more protein

Sweet cravings, and body hair breakage often diseases are a sign that you're lacking in protein (protein).

Find out how to extend the life

After eating "special diet", the worms lived 10% longer than the average life expectancy. Assuming people can live 100 years, this method can prolong life by 10 years.

Are you a man ki bo?

Running the flat car, you will bring into the store or try to go home because his brother would like to call for repair or "rescue"? Answer the following test to know you do not agree stingy.

Apartment 40 m2 with colorful furniture

The landlord decided to paint the walls white, cabinets, tables and chairs arranged to unleash the dazzling decorations in the house.

Many planets have two suns

Landscape with two suns set over a planet not only in the movies. NASA has found some more such systems like our poor single system.

Brain attention in two ways

Discovered a bear in the woods, your brain "scream" attention !. But it is different from the brain when you study the bears in the zoo.

These foods contain fewer calories

Low-calorie foods to help the body to control appetite and reduce hunger.

Exotic diseases

Teacher Camille beautiful and intelligent, but encountered a terrible problem: People always stink spoilage. Students do not dare to come close and gave her the nickname Miss fish.

Multiple pregnancies life in the womb

About 3% of all pregnant women in the US are multiple pregnancies, resulting in twins or more. About one in 8,000 births, a mother will give birth three, and on the evening of 64 million or more times, a foursome will be born.

The early signs of liver cancer

If urine is dark, saw prolonged fatigue, bloating, weight loss, jaundice ..., so maybe it was an early sign of liver cancer.

The diamonds come from the universe?

The diamonds, which only appears in a few places on Earth, could come from the asteroid with a diameter of several kilometers in space, the US scientists claim.

Pregnancy after uterine transplants

Scientists have successfully separated from the ewes uterus and then transplanting it back, but animals can still become pregnant.

11 interesting facts about baby brain

If not because of the size is limited by his mother's door, maybe the baby will remain in the womb and develop a fairly long period of time again ...