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Brain fatherhood changed how man

Fathering not only change lives but also to change the brains of man, equip brain "feel for you" is often thought to be found only in mothers.

Twin detect exotic style

Scientists have known what type of identical twins (identical) twins and fraternal (only fraternize a bit like a home). The doctor yesterday said it has identified the twin type third intermediary between the two styles.

Why not measure Saturn's day?

Strangely, astronomers do not know a Saturn day long how many hours, because they can not overcome the obstacles to this giant planet.

Redesigned interior for 4 storey house

My 4-storey house 13x14,75 m of floor area, want furnishing style living room rustic space connected kitchen, comfortable bedrooms.

Glasses change color as you wish

Just turn a small power button on the glasses frame eyeglasses can change the color of any color on request, and only at a glance.

Airy kitchen after correction

Homeowners take advantage of old furniture, just change the color of paint, removed unnecessary elements.

Sea-water-soluble resin

This plastic will melt down into non-toxic substances when in seawater. It will be used to manufacture the disposable instruments such as spoons, forks, packaging ..., and as a solution to environmental friendliness.

Create 'mini tiger' from Cats

You want a tiger in the house? Can not, because you will have a problem, trouble with the law. But you can fulfill the dream of a mini version of the tiger, which was created by cross between cats.

Battery-powered street

In the future, consumers can buy a battery powered all things sweet, including the sap or carbonated beverages.

5 weirdest thing about animals

'Ever Multi authorities to flame, flute lay under water, we ourselves', saying that charts the utopia turns out true.

Persistent cough remedies for children

My baby 32 months, or a cough, coughing feeling sticky phlegm in the throat and I tried to cough to expel. I do not runny nose and cough at night.

When the tail wagging the dog Happy to right

This four-legged friend to the right or left tail wagging is depending on its emotions, the Italian researchers revealed.

... Bend liquid with light

The French and American scientists have found a way to bend and adjust the direction of the fluid just by force of light.

Like masturbation than 'love' husband

I am a married woman. My sexual needs are not very high. Sometimes the relationship with my husband felt reluctant, especially those tired today.

Why does not everyone was as beautiful as Angelina?

When choosing a mate attractive, she was quick to spread the genes "best" throughout the population. But why the face or ugly shape still exists to this day?