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The man turned into 'teenagers' night

A restful sleep is longed spouse Derek Rogers, by every night to, this man becomes purely insane.

Circumcision is painful and white beads

When you slip the foreskin with white beans, sometimes it stick together.

Air pollution causes reduced rainfall

Smog from cars, factories and wood burning operation can prevent the formation of rain in the arid mountainous areas, threatening the important water sources, a new study suggests.

French public on-line materials on UFO

France became the first country to disclose documents related to unidentified flying object for the public, after opening a website to record the event for more than 5 decades.

Benefits of green apple surprise

An apple a day keeps the doctor you are not. Green apple helps improve skin texture and keep skin looking radiant, prevent aging.

Defendant pretty easy to judge relented

The judge handling the criminal case more lenient easy when people behind bars have attractive appearance, the psychologist said.

Should the lover said his brother had been abused

Kids 18 years old, from childhood brought guilt, a secret that was never revealed to anyone, including their parents. That's when he was 7 years old, she was 15 years old brother raped.

World's smallest scissors

Japanese scientists have created the smallest cutting tools in the world - the molecular scissors that open with light. They can be used to control genes, proteins and other molecules in the body.

Sheep bring 'nature' of people

Scientists have created half-animal creatures first in the world - with the body of a sheep and half of the organ.

Dangerous levels of ovarian cysts

Kids 32 years old, married, the unborn baby. Recently I discovered exams have a cyst on the right, 2 cm in diameter.

Gene helps mice implanted with human eyesight as

Thanks to additional genes into the genetic code, the mouse has been the world's view with full color like, instead of the familiar gray landscape in their eyes.

Closed the highway for migrating butterflies

Taiwan will close one lane main highway to protect more than 1 million butterflies, expected this path flyby migration season.

Why should not date right after the end to the old

You just broke up not long, but old people quickly meet with others, then you will find that you should wait for some time.

Why not reach the foot of the rainbow?

You never reach the horizon, as well as the foot can not fly to the rainbow. That's because both cases are needed distance between the object and the observer create new effects.

Toad the size of a dog

People caught a poisonous toad the size of a puppy in northern Australia. This is the largest frog ever to be found here.