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Why take the first cockroach is alive?

Animals were many people hate this powerful survival instincts. First loss, but they still live weekly. Scientists have discovered why they do it, and who does not.

Shoes help employers locate via satellite

Those going away from no longer worry get lost thanks to integrated device boots via satellite positioning (GPS). House sneakers innovative high technology is Isaac Daniel, a 38-year-old American engineer.

Discovered gay gene regulation

Claims that gay men who share a "gay gene" has provoked debate in 90s After 2 decades, another study also supported this view.

Found her descendants Monalisa

After a period of extensive research, a genealogist found Italy believe that the descendants of the Mona Lisa - who Léonard de Vinci model for drawing up the painting "La Joconde" famous.

Music makes the brain more sensitive

US scientists have found the first evidence demonstrating that music can enhance the brain's ability to think and make the ears become more listeners to listen to all kinds of sounds, including speech .

Little Sheep due to the greenhouse effect

A 20-year study in Scotland showed that sheep, the status of climate change is altering the body size and the size of their population.

Dinosaur discovered living in caves

Fossil hunters have found the remains of small dinosaurs nest in a cave. Detecting reptiles proved a dominant earth can chose much more diverse place we thought.

Physical characteristics says nothing about intelligence and your ability

Eyes not only a window to the soul, it also reveals your athletic ability. Check out the scientists have discovered what the physical characteristics.

Fear brain learns from other people's face

Whether you've had a bee sting or just saw acquaintances become their victims, then later every time a bee flew over, you'll also threatened to run away fast.

Turn CO2 into fuel

A catalyst capable of breaking chemical bonds in molecules of CO2 will allow us to use carbon in the air as fuel in a manner just like plants.

100 m2 modern house assembled from two old apartment

After 8 years of the project implies, a family in Thanh Xuan district (Hanoi) want to go back to familiar places to live with the neighbors for years, but in the new space, airy, comfortable and has a blue corner small.

Professionals come late? Please wear this watch

Now it's 2:55 pm minutes. You have an appointment in the city at the other end 3 and a half hours this afternoon. Should not go now? Does whether it was too late?

Why not open the flight mobile phone?

A pilot of Air China has noticed prior to Beijing, the plane was 30 ° deviation from the route. When searching for the cause then determined that a passenger has to open mobile phones.

Strange things of the heart

A powerful lovemaking can increase heart rate and double the burn about 200 calories, equivalent to 15 minutes faster.

Detected extremely rare species of tiny owl in Peru

This is the first time, long-haired little owl was seen in the wild. We are one of the smallest owl in the world, was first detected in 1976.