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Hang pictures in feng shui home

The placement of art works reasonably very important because it affects the well-being and your fortune.

Chronic effects when children sit more on the trolley

Using too many children's facilities such as car seats, strollers and chairs swing will affect the ability of social development, long-term harm to the child.

The girl was born with 2 top

A 28-year-old woman has given birth to an Indian girl with head on a body 2.

Signs he treat you as pastime

To avoid having your heart was brought jokingly, please note the following symptoms:

8 ways to make ceilings look taller

When buying the house was built, the old hostel, one of the problems that cause you headaches low ceiling makes tight spaces.

Don'ts in the shower

Co-repellent when outdoors body rainstorm, a bath right before bed, as "sex" under the shower ... can be harmful to your health and injuries.

Living room with sofa impressive red

Sofa is always the center of the living space in the house. When selecting chairs with striking colors, you need to consider carefully the other piece of furniture comes.

Fixed stairs to the locker

If the house is not large, you do not waste precious space under the stairs. You can turn this area into a bookshelf, dresser or display decorative items.

Rare cases of suspected HIV infection between the two lesbians

Centers for Disease Control CDC has reported details of a 46 year old woman living in Texas, suspected HIV infection from sex partners.

Harmful ultraviolet eyes how

5-10% of skin cancer occur in the eyelid. Eyes are the only parts of the body tissues contain direct contact with ultraviolet rays.

The secret sex life for men age 17

For children ages 17 to ask whether intentionally for "penis" or not ejaculate more? Measures of reproductive health care should be noted at this age? (Give).

Baby penis because there is circumcision

Kids 13 years old this year, due in no small circumcised penis should now like baby so small. Desiring to help doctors advise them how to make "small boy" louder. Thank you. (Neuter)

Fear of infertility due to dysmenorrhea

I was 14 but whenever economic umbilical abdominal pain often. Kids learn to be heard on the network abdominal pain during menstruation infertility risk.

5 dividing rooms for small apartments

With the lease can not be repaired or hostel more old, you can use the closet, shower partitions or shelves to create small rooms.

Surgery for boys 13kg tumor

27-year-old young men coming from Shaanxi (China) has undergone surgery lasted 9 hours to remove the tumor weighed 13 kg on the back and neck.