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Solarium also addictive

Those who worship the sun drifted south to avoid the cold winter or climb mountains to enjoy the sun may have been suffering from addiction as strong as alcoholism.

The logical layout for apartments of 40 m2

Condominium in a small area, you should open the large windows to take advantage of natural light, ignore some essential amenities too.

Men also go to bed hugging a teddy bear

A new study in the UK found the man hugging her teddy bear while sleeping a lot longer than you. About 20% of men admitted to cuddling a teddy, while this figure is 15% in women.

Sports promote 'sex'

Sports increases the sexual power of the men. A new study found men who regularly exercise routine will become more muscular and thus look attractive and feel more sexy.

Both testicles do not have infertility

One side of my testicles are smaller and have a lot of nerves around, the other is normal. Whether you have the ability to have children? (Tri).

10 greatest discoveries in the history of the material world

4,200 specialist construction materials and scientists from 68 countries attended the exhibition - Annual Conference in Orlando (Florida, USA) 3/2007 to vote for the invention of the greatest material human history.

The wonders of ears

According to the researchers, if saying the words cuddling, cooing, you should visit the lover left ear, the effect will be higher. And you want to say something to remember him, whispering in his ear just right.

Wrong to worry that breastfeeding sagging breasts

Not breastfeeding makes breasts lose shape, but it is the rapidly changing new breast size leads to tissue damage and stretch.

Laughter makes it easy to put the money more

Laughter is not only refreshing but also make you make you more altruistic cooperation and with strangers. Thus, you can easily withdraw money for others.

4 to bring the benefits of sex and skin beauty

Sex enhances blood circulation, reduce stress, causing skin and reduce acne by better maintaining deep sleep.

Male chimpanzee crazy as she was 'red light'

The female chimps adjusting readiness for "sex" her, based on the period. This makes the competition fierce bulls together to reach her.

The world's thinnest material

The German and British scientists have created the thinnest material in the world, with a thickness of only 1 / 200,000 hairs. This membrane is connected by six carbon atoms with honeycomb edge, if stacked to take up to 200,000 new layer with the thickness of a human hair.

Stress easily cause a heart attack

Stress can cause overproduction of white blood cells, contributing to congestion, limiting blood flow, leading to heart attacks.

Mongoose friendly with strangers than neighbors

Marking territory with feces, urine, and often at war with neighbors, mongoose can not be regarded as friendly neighbors. However, these carnivorous creatures very "gentle" with strangers.

Using recipes for living room lights

Lighting layout for the family living room to create a cozy atmosphere, friendly, but not as cold as in the workplace or leaning lit plaza.