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Young has often insomnia

Kids 22 years old, once a long time to wake up tired, depressed. I also wonder afraid of contact and crowded places. I would like a job but a few days stay.

Beautiful people enjoy making men xao

Approaching an attractive woman, flirting can make men become bored mate after the exposure. In contrast, women are not affected by the appearance of a strange man.

Cats do not know what is sweet

Sugar or spice not mean anything to a cat. He cleverly four-legged friends are only interested in each one thing: meat animals.

The deodorized garlic food

Eating apple after a meal to help remove the smell of garlic is particularly effective.

Damaged or made: The number of people alive than dead

Rumors since the 1970s, said that the explosion caused the entire population of Earth dwellers now greater than the total number who have all. Other versions affirmed 75% of all people who were born still lives. That is true or false?

Exercise increases intelligence

Exercise enhance brainpower by building new brain cells much more in the area related to memory.

Secrets For women stay healthy and fresh

Every woman desires with slim physique and body healthy. Follow a few simple guidelines will help your dreams come true.

New Mexico still consider Pluto as a planet

7 months after being removed from the list of the planet by the International Astronomical Union, Pluto has found a loyal friend in New Mexico

The attraction lies in gait

Wasp waists body has long been considered the ideal standard of women. But now US researchers find to look attractive, women also have to move very feminine - ie swaying hips to highlight his round 3.

10 things to know about autism

Many misconceptions about autism, they believe in myths and superstitions cause serious consequences.

Manakin birds thanks you 'saw girls'

Some males have to thanks to the support of his accomplices when kids want to score first. This case is similar to the two boys and a girl approached attractive bar hoping one of two people will get lucky.

Eating oily fish is good for the mood

Eat salmon at dinner is not only good for your heart, but also improve mood. A new study in the US found omega-3 fatty acids, which are plentiful in fatty fish like salmon, can affect brain areas related to emotion.

V. summer camp for children throughout the country

From early June to the end of this summer, children throughout the country will have the opportunity to play outdoors in the summer camp helps children develop working skills such as dexterity, patience, teamwork and creativity.

Submarine-style fish

Through sensory organs in flanks, fish can swim in groups, to catch prey and avoid obstacles, even in the dark. This ability suggests to the researchers developed an artificial sensor devices for water activities.

New species discovered in Southeast Asia report

The zebra leopard found on Sumatra and Borneo represent a new species, research by experts gene international conservation organization WWF shows.