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Testicular pain in the evening

This year 14-year-old nephew, testicular pain right for 4 days, usually in the evening. Please ask what the illness is? (Neuter).

Curved butt revered in the Stone

The stone age woman revered by her curves, especially for 3 outstanding. The hunter whittling contours of the ideal woman from flint, bone and ivory to create decorative statues.

2 years snore lose sleep

Those who have snoring partner will take 2 years sleep in their lifetime. A new survey shows that more than 1/3 of the British deprived of sleep due to snoring partner.

Initial bleeding in relations

For the first time the relationship with her boyfriend, she saw a lot of blood and pain. I also feel like "penis" is not accessible.

Plants - new residents of the Arctic!

The temperature rise due to global warming caused the spruce forests take the place of Arctic tundra faster than the imagination of scientists, chasing the only species which used to reside there.

Women are angry because of genes

A new study by the University of Pittsburgh, USA, carried out to find some genetic changes related to mood chemical control women's bodies make them tempered than others.

Second-hand smoke increases the risk of miscarriage

A new study showed increased risk of miscarriage in women exposed to secondhand smoke.

Puppies 'noses elephant' in Quang Nam

In newborn puppies 4 of Phan Ba ​​Dung's family (Ha My village Trung, Dien Duong Commune, Dien Ban district), an uncle very strange shapes, especially long nose like heliotrope.

Why is ice slippery again?

One question that this half a century scientists have yet to figure out the answer. Knowing that thin layer of water on the ice surface slippery causing this. But the problem is why the ice - unlike most other solids - that the surface layer.

30 years old suffering from premature ejaculation

I am 30 years old this year, is still single but every relationship I often ejaculate very soon, after about 1 to 2 minutes.

Why do we crave crazy?

Most species of mammals, including humans, are experiencing the ultimate feeling of desire - be it for food, sex or other things - followed by a feeling of contentment happy joy that thirst is satisfied.

Short legs helps fight better

Our ancestors have stocky bodies lasted for over 2 million years is because short legs helped them have an advantage in competition with other males for access to mates.

The boy brought the huge tumor at the top

Doctors Surgery shaping - maxillofacial, Vietnam-Germany Hospital, has giant tumor resection patients Luong Van Cong, 19, in Ha Giang.

Whale hunt giant squid like?

In the cold darkness of the Pacific, hiding thousands of giant squid - aggressive predators nearly 2 meters long and weighing nearly half a quintal which respected fishermen call "red devil". However, they are still prey to others - sperm whales.

Darwin's wife's diaries go online

The writings of Emma Darwin, wife of famed naturalist Charles Darwin, tells the story of six decades of their lives and open up insights about the daily life of Victorian science.