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The kitchen amenities packed into boxes

There is a spacious kitchen is the dream of all housewives, but when you settle back home is too small.

Detecting goddess Hera

2,200 year-old statue of Hera, the wife of the god miserable philandering Zeus (Zeus), was found lying immediately on the walls of the city at the foot of Mount Olympus - home of the ancient Greek gods .

Excavating the old market in Athens

Archaeologists have discovered a large area is to be a market with shops and religious center on the southern edge of Athens, 4-5 century BC.

Note when hung on the wall more pictures

When you have a white wall decorated yet, create an indoor art angle.

Winter is not the first snow in Tokyo

Japan's capital has been confirmed as the first winter spent no snow within 131 years. Center Tokyo did not have snow from late February 12/2006 to this year.

Vikings sailing in the cloudy day like?

Navigating sea Vikings with a sundial. But in the overcast day, the sundial is futile. Many researchers wondered they overcame it in any way?

What is premature ejaculation

Ask your doctor for a new how-called premature ejaculation? The love between two people how long called normal? (Reader).

Flippant misleading

The idea is to understand each other very well, friends or close associates often use short sentences or slang to talk. But the ambiguous way of saying this misleading sometimes large.

Queen Cleopatra was ugly

The film and literature are all praise the beauty of Cleopatra, who is regarded as a measure of beauty. But an ancient coin shows, queen of Egypt has aquiline nose, forehead and lips cut thin.

Pain during ejaculation

Kids 22 years old this year, recently every time you ejaculate often painful urination and lower right abdomen and waist. Stop half months, signs of pain subside.

Spiders also ... 'course virginity'

When "love", the males leave part of its reproductive organs inside the human body, as a form of 'virginity key' to discourage other rivals.

Latest photos of Saturn's portrait

Probe Cassini have captured images of Saturn ever turn the corner at the upper and lower system its famous rings.

Standard sperm to have children

I do semen men study at a hospital, the results are as follows: Volume: 2.7 ml; lysis: 25 minutes; pH: 7.6; density: 37 x 10 ^ 6 TT / ml ...

Honeybees help poison alert

The buzzing of honeybees change when it is exposed to various chemicals. The scientists plan to take advantage of this to detect toxins.

About to check? Stay away from red

If you are prepared to attend an important exam, do not sit next to a man dressed in red. The latest research results show just a glimpse of red can affect all jobs.