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The more 'love' Soon as easy crime

Teenagers do have sex earlier than their peers tend to enjoy more offenders in adulthood, a new US study says.

The genius of the 21st century (part 2)

"I would be allowed to divert your attention to an article he recently announced that I". With such a silly question, email them to a colleague, which revolutionized the world of mathematics, only new Perelman can do.

The layout style 2-bedroom apartment

Condominium area of ​​60-80 m2 with 2 bedrooms are popular among young families. Here are a few ways you can arrange reference to his whereabouts.

Found the coffin of Jesus?

An Oscar-winning film director of the US claim to have found evidence that Jesus had a son named Judah and was buried alongside Mary Magdalene.

Advertising transforms to enchant visitors

Electronic billboards will soon feel your assessment of them, and change the display so that the most eye-catching consumer.

Techniques shimmering lights garden

If you have a garden, large enough, in addition to planting should arrange additional help garden lights shimmering lovely, fanciful than the night.

Pharaoh also constipated

Laxative seems occupies a dominant position in the pharmaceutical products of ancient Egypt. A new study of ancient medicine also shows that the great Pharaoh constipation.

Insert the 'tap' water collected from the sky

A wind-powered device can provide endless water by collecting water from the air, an Australian inventor claims.

God speed test

You can understand more about yourself through the colors, sports and their favorite films and even from your birthday anymore. Try exploring.

25 have erectile dysfunction

I was born in 1989, did not understand why recently my penis erection problem is not the relationship.

Sex makes women feel more attractive

Sexual activity in men and women, gay or not gay, are increasing tesoterone content in the body, making them feel hotter.

Detecting solar observatory oldest American

A row of 13 stone towers were discovered on a hill in Peru can be part of the solar observatory of ancient plays an important role in civilization predates the Inca for hundreds of years.

12 things to do when you feel lonely

Dancing is the best way to kill time. When mixing the music, you will not feel lonely.

Stephen Hawking will 'taste' weightlessness

British cosmologist, famous for works selling "A Brief History of Time" and life in a wheelchair, will set the first steps on a journey into space by implementing a weightless flight on next month.

The real reason that migratory birds

Hungry, not picky eating, has forced the birds to fly away thousands of miles between breeding areas and breeding region each year, a new study confirms.