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Costumes self destruct

British designer Helen Story and Professor Tony Ryan chemistry research collaboration very nicely out outfit: the first type of clothing in the world have the ability to disappear in a few hours after she was wearing.

Pregnant lizard world's most miserable

A lizard in Australia may be the case most miserable pregnant. Due to restrictions on the structure of the body, the animal must contain the heavy 1/3 pregnant adults, but not the belly bulge at all. This feat is equivalent to a woman having a baby sized 7 years old!

10 habits of the people should avoid parenthood

Try to control the words and actions of the child, just playing with the phone glued to ... is the job of parents to avoid.

Moon and human temperament

Legend of the peoples of the world are often attributed to the moon is the cause of many problems in human life. The new study showed that the moon really affect life on Earth.

Cat playing the piano?

A cat in the city of Philadelphia, USA, has proved to be gifted the piano. Who discovered her special ability cute cat with the name Nora is its owner - a male teacher.

Liquid sperm to patients

Sperm freezing liquid is not what disease, how to treat? Discharge when excited with sperm? I thank the doctor. (Huu Dang)

The world's spiciest

Fall 2006, Guinness World has officially recognized the breed Bhut Jolokia chili supreme. Who has found "record Date tear tongue" This is Professor Paul Bosland New Mexico State University

Individuals better brainstorming groups

Humans often proved embarrassing than finding the solution to a problem when they belong to a group, a recent study shows.

Decoding 8 mystery about sex

Many people believe that sex helps in weight loss. According to scientists, the relationship between long and intense than ordinary people, are effective weight loss.

Why humans can not eat grass?

As a rule, people absolutely can eat grass; it is non-toxic and chew. However, although the food is a source of abundant, people still can not plant this erosion.

Flower fortunetelling guess personality

According to western concepts, each month has a flower-employed. Depending on your birth month flower of the month, the owner will give you the corresponding personality traits.

Reasonable drink helps protect eyesight

The scientists believe that sometimes enjoy a small glass of wine helps substantially lower risk to eyesight problems.

Pigeon control remote

Scientists in eastern China claims to have succeeded in controlling the routes of doves by attaching tiny electrodes in their heads.

... Reinforced foundations with bacteria

An effective bacteria transformed into stone ground can be a good solution to strengthen the foundations of buildings and help them withstand earthquakes.

Sitting more at risk for cancer

Who spends much time in the day to sit in place prone colorectal cancer than the general population, according to a new study in the US.