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Journey to find the time machine (the end)

A tunnel passes through a hill of course shorter track on the surface. Likewise, a wormhole may be shorter path common path in space.

10 interesting stories about animals

Unborn crocodiles have what? Pigeons find their way home how? Parrots can understand the voice of the people? That's the interesting thing about the animals on land and underwater.

Controlling lust with her husband

I am 30 years old, married and 4-year-old son, the family okay, only my desire is very high while the normal husband.

Self-driving cars will be popular in 2030

Within 20 years, these vehicles will be equipped with GPS navigation systems and artificial intelligence and be able to go back on the road safer for both man driving car.

Happy or not because of genes

A new study may explain why some people always feel discontented despite prosperous life, while others are optimistic even in the worst conditions.

New Zealand catch giant squid

The country's fishermen catch squid and weigh up to 450 kg length 10 meters off the coast of Antarctica. This is the largest model that people gain ever.

12 common misunderstandings sex

68% of men chose the wrong type of condom, may be about the size or shape. This probably stems from the misconception that "any type of bag is also good."

Covered with cement crater

Indonesian officials today will drop hundreds of giant concrete blocks into a circular cracks to prevent mud volcano eruptions, flooding its risk villages and factories.

18 inferiority with 'penis' Tiny

Kids 18 years old this year, is very self-deprecating as "penis" was too short and, when as yet only 10 cm and "open the eyes" again so I was worried.

Chimps use 'teacher' hunt

It has been observed chimpanzees in Senegal swarms fabrication and use wooden skewers to hunt other primates.

Decrypt the message from the hand

Tarot hand is a long study of the hand (including the palms, fingers, and thumb nail). It specifies the human form, health, personality and career path of the employer.

Infants with jaundice can be fatal

Pathologic jaundice is common phenomenon in infants. If not promptly detected and treated, the child may be permanent neurological sequelae or death.

One year had 540 days

Chinese geologists believe that 1.3 billion years ago, a year of 540 Earth days lengthen, ie by 13 to 14 months with up to 42 days per month and a day only has 15 hours.

Rediscovered blind snakes on Madagascar

A representative of the newly blind snakes on Madagascar found a century after the disappearance. The animal, which looks like a long pink worms, is the only known since the other two children were discovered in 1905.

The home feng shui errors or commit

The bar will run through the living room from top to murderous. Small room as dark and emotionally will make the couple separated.