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Swiss mirrored to illuminate the mountain village

Local officials said they Switzerland is considering plans to build a giant mirror to light a mountain village with 198 residents, who do not see the sun for 3 months per year.

Why do we grow old dwarf go?

When old, the height of most of them at least a few centimeters fell in comparison with the young. In addition to osteoporosis, there is another reason that our bodies are "shrink" back.

The paradoxical piece of furniture in the house

If you're a fan of the film 'Upside down' (World vice), why not try to manually create the reverse angle on his whereabouts.

Biological clock really are?

All living things are the daily cycle of activity is known under the name "daily rhythm". These rhythms are controlled by a control system within hours, also known as the biological clock.

10 strange things about the body

The human body is an amazing machine smoothly, with frequent movement and accuracy, makes everything from memory to mucus. There are many complex mysteries that we do not know enough about the body, including the adorable but also things horror.

What made the original price of water pipes

If you want to bring to the unusual for your home, the type for this interesting map will be appropriate choice.

The story of the love of animals

Anguished roar of the foal makes people's hearts. He and his mother, named Ma Shwe - when fording rivers Taungdwin (now Myanmar), when suddenly trapped in flood waters. Elephant mother rushed to try to keep the children back, but it's not easy.

Congenital blind people dream about what?

Instead of seeing a train in a dream, a blind person can feel the smell, the sound and feeling of movement involving a train.

Teach children to say sorry

The apology by the force of the parents only make happy adults, but children do not truly want. Your baby will not understand the wrong in his behavior.

Discovered carnivorous bats migratory birds in the night

Blood samples of the largest bat in Europe showed that it seems to have hunted meat birds are flying night. If so, we are the only species known to do this so far.

10 Principles for a consensus with leaders

You painstakingly overtime but your boss still is not appreciated? Whatever your suggestions rid boss was? ... Maybe the main cause is that you do not understand the psychology of leadership. Please adhere to the following principles

Singer during surgery to keep his voice

Alama Kante singer sang during surgery to remove a tumor in his throat. Thus, the doctors did not harm her larynx.

Scientific dreams

When sleeping, people often do not know anything, then the unconscious mind to work, but many problems to be solved. In science, no shortage of legendary premonition dream detect meaningful creativity. Here is the famous dream in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Mystery fireworks

Tet festival and almost indispensable fireworks, but few people know the recipe for it. Also, would not you want what is was it, for example you can not force fireworks erupted when the desired shape.

The food and medicines should not be used simultaneously

Taking medication for depression while eating bacon can cause blood pressure spikes and danger to life. Painkillers containing acetaminophen after drinking prone to cause liver and kidney disease.