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5 healthy dental habits should be maintained

People often use hard brushes, thinking that the new brush. This habit makes you easy to wear the enamel.

Found 'living fossil' of the ghost sharks

Few people in the world ever heard of an extremely rare species called ghost sharks. But the Japanese have discovered an ancient creature alive, and even playing in a lake drop.

Naughty children at birth

In a study of adult twins and their children, the researchers found the gene, not the behavior of their parents, children can affect or bully others, dropouts or theft Classified or not.

Sweat men make women excited

A new study at the University of California, Berkeley, US, have found a chemical in male sweat can increase cortisol hormone levels of women, linked to sexual arousal.

Twin born from him 39 days

Shortly after the twins in Boston heated inception media 24 days apart, then another pair in Kansas City (USA) was born in similar circumstances, to 39 days apart.

Doomsday clock

From 1947 to now, the minute hand on the clock metaphor reported at 12 hours Doomsday's buttons American scientists through 18 revisions. Most recently, on 1/18/2007, it was moved by 2 bar to 5 bar and left until the fateful hour.

Do to deserve announced my idol

All babies have announced their idol, remember all that he was doing it, the statement said dad. He was always an example for children to follow, both good and bad.

Guess who lovelorn through gene

These tests can be interesting emotional, but examination of the level corresponding gene may be better ways to know if your other half is capable of betrayal or not.

Seals the patented 'local boys'

The Antarctic seals her fastidious ready to go long distances looking for suitable mate.

Loss of sensation after circumcision

Children with phimosis should erect glans can not be flipped out. They used hand-pulled down but causing constriction glans and pain.

Elderly people are often more optimistic young people

Elderly people often look at the cup half full, rather than half empty. That is because they have accumulated much experience in life and also stems from the biological changes due to old age brings.

'Draw' painting by microorganisms

Based jelly or jelly coconut, microorganisms can "draw" so small landscape paintings, lovely Little Pigs or fruit, the words ... with many different colors. That is the new idea of ​​the research team at the department of microbiology, University of Science, Vietnam National University.

Dignitaries men makes women afraid

These gentlemen have prestigious occupations is not necessarily the most attractive object for women, compared to those with average jobs.

NASA astronaut selection like?

Aerospace agency USA (NASA) is home to the selection process and training the astronaut most rigorous. NASA currently has an elite team consists of 135 members, the majority are men.

Risks of hip replacement with biological cement

Biological cements (a chemical glues) used in hip replacement surgery is considered the cause of death of many patients.