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Common misunderstandings about the female body

Your doctor may know a woman who was or had losing virginity, antibiotics "hydrophobic" birth control pills, you may not have been elected when menstruation ... is the common misunderstanding concerning women.

Youth sexuality has changed how

A girl born in the family tradition, believe that sex before marriage is not ethical but do it to "dimensional" lover. It is the inner torn left her no sexual feelings are normal.

Prospects gel helps women HIV

US scientists recently announced the results of testing a new gel that promises more likely to protect women at risk of sexual HIV transmission.

Old people eat a lot of fish reduces risk of disease by 39%

Fish rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids are great for building muscle, helps not falling, reducing joint pain as well as prevent the cognitive decline.

I love both men and women

I am a bisexual. I had sex with three people, both men and women but sometimes I feel myself somehow mess.

Things like the boys girlfriend

The guy likes strange things. You may find it hard to believe, but it's true. Here are 10 things that he liked in his girlfriend:

Innovative solutions to help more spacious townhouses

Townhouses are not limited creative ability and desire breakthrough in space, just need to know the layout creative personality color scheme, make sure you will surprise everyone when visiting the home of themselves.

The reason not to have the office

It is hard to resist love, but when asked a colleague, you need to consider thoroughly and choose the person carefully.

8 healing plants you can grow at home

Take advantage of your garden so you do not need these expensive medicines.

Apartment 40 m2 lot but still neat fixtures

Lauren has too many books and souvenirs that she wanted to keep in his little nest.

Fear of spreading sexually transmitted diseases after 'love' 2 prostitutes

A few days ago I had sex with two prostitutes are using condoms. The first girl masturbation for me then relations. She also second only to relations only. Such materials have been transmitted sexual disease? (Right)

Making every effort has bad breath

I suffer from bad breath and bleeding when brushing teeth. I also do all kinds of ways: 3 times daily brushing, gargling with salt water, use mouthwash on the market ....

Spring tulip vase brought into the house

Flowers familiar to European countries have been selling popular in Vietnam on the occasion of the spring with a cotton price of 15,000-20,000 dong.

5 things to consider before you speak love

Confesses to the people that special moment is memorable. So you consider the following before you say the magic words.

How to control child access to porn sites

10-year-old nephew to my house. I bought the iPad for entertainment and learning little compact for a desktop computer instead. Last time I saw him or surreptitiously check then discovered her machine into some unhealthy websites.