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... Smooth hair with bull semen

A hairdresser in London, UK, claims to be able to do your hair super smooth by a mixture in which the semen of purebred bulls.

The nudity in ancient Greek art

Photos naked men is common in Greek art, although historians still assert that the ancient Greeks hardly any part of the body exposed. Now a study shows that modern art was realistic simulation.

Sex bằng miệng có lây bệnh

Mấy hôm trước cháu uống rượu và đi massage, do có cồn cháu không làm chủ được nên để cô gái đó thực hiện hành vi oral sex.

The truth about the ability to 'zoom remote Attorney'

Each stir public opinion on the phenomenon Do Hoang Tu, Quang Nam country, has the ability to "zoom Attorney manner", knocks out distant objects tens of meters ... However, scientists have a go and flip bleach truth "special ability" is.

The skin we have both a 'zoo'

The hunting of the researchers have found bacteria entire fleet actually on the skin of people, up to 182 species. Some long-term residents, while others only "hitch" moment.

Indoor dog easy to pathogenic parasites dogs

There must be a dog in the house, the more likely are infected dog? Please ask dog tapeworm causes from? (Bay Nguyen).

Terracotta Army of Qin Shi Huang made 2 places

The warriors and horses in the tomb of the famous Chinese emperor made from different areas, the analysis of pollen on the clay statue has revealed it.

The accuracy of the results of an HIV test

Kids rapid HIV tests at the time of about 2 months 20 days, a negative result. Is it correct, if accurate about what percentage?

Farewell smelly socks

The researchers are seeking to create aromatic scented fabric permanently. This breakthrough will lead to the bed sheets pleasant fragrance or socks never smelled.

Assertiveness - the key successful leadership

The domineering boss more flexible and accommodating managers should be tougher. A new study has found the secret to becoming an effective enterprise management.

Discharge when 'near' wife

I am 30 years old, married for 3 years. Whenever I close or caressing your wife, you feel anxious because only about 10 minutes, water was flowing transparent white.

Why are we gritted?

At first sounds like an extremely political picture, but here again only involves your mouth, a reflection of the content excesses.

Suffering with her husband's violent behavior

I am 30 years old, married for eight years, during which time the marriage was not happy. My husband is abusive, or listen to her mother and sister.

Inbreeding relations conducive to fishing

While relations inbreeding in humans can cause serious consequences, the scientists found it can be beneficial to wildlife.

Cool dinosaur eggs discovered in India

3 Indian explorers have discovered more than 100 fossilized dinosaur eggs in a remote area in India.