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6 scientific ideas horror

The deadly virus alive. These man-eating fox. The soldiers never sleeps. That's not the horror that is the bold idea of ​​contemporary scientists. Popular Science Magazine has listed the 6 ideas scariest science.

Year-old boy had swallowed a pig bones

Sons continuous high fever, fussiness, painful swallowing, Ms Hanh (Hanoi) provide examination, doctors discovered the bone fragments of foreign bodies in the esophagus young pigs.

Engines manufactured from bacteria

One challenge in developing tiny robots are miniature motors and power supplies. US scientists have found a solution to this problem: Make use of bacterial motion to propel themselves objects as small molecules in liquids.

Salty Tastes from birth

Some people tend to eat salt ever since birth. In a study of 41 children and adolescents born prematurely, US researchers found that those with low sodium levels in the blood at birth will especially enjoy the salty food.

The reason pregnant women should exercise

Research shows that exercising during pregnancy brings many benefits to the health of both mother and fetus.

Find out the secrets of tears

We shed tears when sad, angry or emotional, but until now little was known about its composition. A recent study showed that every tear is constituted by water, mucus and fatty acids.

The singular architecture in the world

The house dancing (Dancing House) is considered one of the buildings most controversial in Prague, Czech Republic. Dancing House was designed by a talented architect from California

Men are usually fascinated when hungry fat women

Both men and women can be attracted by someone bigger than their stomachs when they are empty.

Solid loan toad poison to safeguard

Ishima Island toad (Japan) seem to become so in the fight loser with a snake evolution. Not only did unharmed after eating the toads, snakes longer storage of toxic prey to self-defense and hunting.

Lighting makes spider 'love' more intense

Brightness not only affects about "love" of man. Singapore scientists discovered, several types of lighting can make jumping spiders become more coveted partner.

12 things to help your love more hot

Whether you are in love or are already married and to have an intimate gestures with him are really needed, helping relationships are maintained and refreshed.

Iguana was 'castrated'

Mozart poor lizard suddenly difficulty walking by "your" stood straight up without being "down" for more than a week. Therefore, the experts decided to remove cumbersome tool that in the coming days.

Shaped skyscraper blaze

Office architects TVS unveils model of the entire skyscraper "Dubai Towers," the project's new neighborhood "The Lagoons' in Dubai, United Arab belonging.

Help me to stay away from junk food is not good for health

Junk food is not good for health including fried foods like French fries, pizza or burger contains more cheese.

Robot tasked to man

Before now it has been accused of robots are taking away jobs of people. Now, the scientists have revolutionized the software creates a robot tasked to man.