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Sea turtles driven by Earth's magnetic field

Sea turtles always return to familiar areas to spawn. We use the navigation system is relatively simple as Earth's magnetic field. Since the turtles seek help despite being swept away by the waves.

7 things you face when love away

When you stay away, it is difficult to prove what you say to the person you love. You also can not be sure of everything he said was right.

Why humans or daydreaming?

Our minds are often distracted when going to do the boring jobs. That's because the dreamer is a normal state of the brain rather than a useless distraction.

Guess personality through eating eggs

Eggs are not only delicious, but also added that "read" the personality of people who eat too. You usually eat what style fried egg, try exploring.

Hot dogs are more prone to heart failure

Men eat more sausages as well as processed foods made from red meat (bacon, bacon ...) are at risk of heart failure than those who ate less.

Sniffing robot

Intelligent robot can sniff chemicals leak, drugs or explosives will gradually become a reality thanks to a new mathematical formula.

Fish use logic

Male fish, like humans, use a sophisticated form of logical reasoning to assess potential rivals.

Simple racks that impressive

Retrieved from geometry sensors, the different types of wall bracket will make your room look more attractive.

Alcoholics will take humor

The insatiable drinkers often do not recognize the jokes or do not understand the implications of which, the German researchers said.

Terror alert could be harmful to health

The bioterrorism alert to help secure for citizens actually harm their health, US researchers said.

5 chapters of each marriage

Although "every flower every tree every home every scene", the marriage would always go through the program can predict as the honeymoon period, stabilize their lives ...

Patent 'electronic cat' mouse chase

"Cats electronic" functions and mouse in the house by ultrasound is one of the new product engineer Tran Van Tin, introduced to the market. When plugged in, the machine will emit cries "chit ... chit "as the voice of" opponents "threatened, clashes meningitis caused panic mouse, avoid going elsewhere.

Vomiting oe audio language is the most grisly

Noise nuisance for humans? Trevor Cox, an expert in audio applications at the University of Salford, England, was consulted on 34 kinds of noises cause "allergic". Results showed that the most frightening sound was the sound of vomiting oe.

5 ideas neatly hides everything in the kitchen

Cooking area is where many toys always create a sense of a mess. You consider a few of the following arrangements to be neat kitchen.

Coffee cakes against sleepy taste

You still sleepy after 3 cup of coffee? Try to find an interesting dish: baked cake coffee taste. It most likely will become a quick snack that will not only convenient but also sober stomach lining every road.