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Ducks also know the division of labor

A sea duck species, said the agreement with the other children in the herd to divide the responsibility for raising children. And just like humans, the social system of this strange species of ducks are sometimes broken.

Can get sick of kissing pet

Pet kissing can transmit the resistant bacteria to humans, according to a new study.

Beer for dogs

After a day of hard labor, there is nothing more interesting is enjoying a cool beer. So Terrie Berenden, a pet shop owner in the town ZELHEM, Netherlands, has created a beer for the dog, made from barley and beef extract.

Ancient dinosaur with four wings flying

Flying dinosaurs on Earth was first thrown in the air perturbed like a 2 storey wing aircraft from the World War First.

Pill to influence how sex

Satisfaction with sexual activity varies depending on usage habits of oral contraceptives, according to a new study published.

Why is milk white?

Milk is a natural beverage items for children, provides all the nutrients that a baby needs for growth. In cow's milk casein components combined with some fat to make up white.

Swimsuit for Muslim women

Beach entertainment is always a fascinating place with everyone in the holidays, but for the Muslim woman to go out to sea with a bathing suit is completely impossible. However, things are different now.

Gentleman alert when urethritis

If you see the service urinary tract, pus, likely an infection through sexual contact and can infect others.

Things You Did Not Know

The world around us is moving and changing every day, every hour. The movement that gives us the knowledge immensely rewarding. Including the most simple things, which can today we know.

Fossil coral discovered the river bottom

Hundreds of fossilized coral relics newly Ho Tan Phan researchers discovered from the bottom of the river. The inside of this reef many marine organisms have fossilized.

These misconceptions about conception

Doctors usually define infertility is not pregnant after a year of non-use relationship of contraceptives, but some couples should not wait until a new year visit.

Skeptic vulnerable heart disease

A study of 6,814 people in the US have found skepticism makes people jealous easily agitated and increased risk of heart attack. A series of stress and anxiety and worsen chronic inflammation in the blood.

Coffee can cure baldness

Scientists have discovered that caffeine stimulates the growth of tiny follicles in the top shell of the men showed signs of hair loss.

9 ways to create a sense of higher ceilings

Your house airy, high and dry when it comes to low furniture, high windows from ceiling to the floor ...

Mysterious inscription of the mantra Egypt

An incantation to banish snakes from the tomb of the Egyptian king, had Canaanite era 1,500 years ago, has been found to be the most ancient Semitic word kind ever.