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Discovered traces of ancient battles in the world

How to combat areas in Iraq a few kilometers, archaeologists have discovered traces of a battle had destroyed the ancient city of Mesopotamia both a (northeast Syria) in the year 3500 BC. Between the rubble of hundreds of rounds of clay used as a weapon.

The twins were born three weeks apart

New 24-week pregnancy, the mother rupture of membranes and birth first child weighs 745 g. It was not until three weeks later, her newborn second child.

The unique technology

Life more convenient and more enjoyable thanks to the unique invention created to improve the quality of spiritual life for everyone. Bicycle MP3 or portable piano is a few of the invention.

High-tech magic mirror

Mirror Mirror, this outfit with me? A US company has created a mirror equipped with infrared technology can assess the outfit you are wearing.

Things women need to learn to avoid dependency on men

You do not want to be relying on others or rely on their parents or other half a lifetime, so, there are things you should learn.

Coming soon plant biofuel production

A factory producing biodiesel capacity of 300 million liters / year is going to be the Son Ha Co. building in Hau Giang. Products will be 60-70% cheaper than petrol in circulation.

Ong turns air conditioning in the nest

The adjustment of the temperature in the hive technology was made possible by the strict division of labor. Besides specializing in incubating bees always have the fan on duty for the larvae in the nest when the temperature rose too high.

Apartment 48 m2 colorful

Through choosing the furniture and colors careful, sister Shelley (California, US) has a beautiful house.

The secret of 'Songs of Death'

Hungary Rezső Seress musician Szomoru Vasarnap composed to express his lovelorn mood. Seress unexpected that his song was "convicted" is the cause of hundreds of suicide.

Myths and reality about fish

Rumors and evidence of the existence of mermaids make "mermaid" became one of the biggest mysteries of the ocean. Even the name "mermaid" was given to an incurable disease.

5 Easy Ways suggested in her desire

Sexual desire in women no less than men, but not many women held part actively evoke "sex".

People live to the rhythm of the moon

The moon is not just a phenomenon causes tides created but also causes many other impacts on human life, according to research results of some British scientists, the US and Poland,

Discovered the secret of the zebrafish sperm

In the yellow seahorse, the male carries the eggs in a small bag and responsibility to give birth. We are using sperm species most effective in animals.

Cut one ovary may have children

I had surgery in ectopic pregnancy and right oophorectomy. But after your menstrual surgery are 3 months, then do not have anymore.

Renewable ancient people

From the isolated DNA sequences from ancient Neanderthal, renewable lifeblood of a dinosaur, the optimists believe that, on current trends, scientists will recreate extinct creatures in past.