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5 ways to help improve premature ejaculation

The impact on the feeling during sex will make time control orgasm, which helps gentleman overcome early ejaculation.

Anti-cancer chicken eggs

British scientists have created genetically modified chickens that their eggs containing proteins needed to produce anti-cancer drugs. This breakthrough was announced from the research center created the first cloned sheep Dolly .

Animals who speak

The chimps at the University of Georgia (USA) who learned to speak fairly successful. It can chirped: "Give iced coffee", "I'm thinking about what I should eat." Some cats, seals, elephants ... also speak.

Bringing home baby sea with sand game

Playing with sand is an inexpensive activity, played in a long time period for any age are playing well, and brings a lot of benefits for children.

Why video games cause 'addiction'?

The video games help people to satisfy basic psychological needs. That's one of the reasons why players can not get rid of them easily, US scientists said.

Anti-Obesity Chewing gum

British scientists are developing a kind of gum overwhelming urge to eat to prevent obesity. The drug is based on a natural hormone in the gut, simulating the response of the body feel full.

Drowning accident summer stalking children

2-year-old boy in Phu Xuyen (Ha Noi) to the emergency in Bach Mai Hospital in a coma, cyanosis, convulsions ... because fell into the pond.

Date of birth and the financial situation in 2007

This year everyone has a chance to get rich through his intellect. Regardless of the zodiac, you'll do well if their enthusiastic drivers with alertness and reasonable.

Panda too fat to 'love'

Chuang Chuang panda is too heavy to do "sex". Thai officials have forced it to follow a strict diet in order to be with his girlfriend relationship Lin Hui at the Chiang Mai zoo in northern Thailand.

Beautiful or not is because the eyes of others

Beauty lies in the eyes of those who see, but the opinion of others is as important as you assess the attractiveness of someone. The researchers found the more women will be attracted to a guy than when many other sisters also love him.

The village was enchanting plants brass

With people in the village Pham Phao (Hai Minh, Hai Hau, Nam Dinh), the trumpet is very familiar in any event. Trumpet profession and edit transmitted through generations.

Why terrestrial carnivores always smaller than an elephant?

In evolution, the terrestrial carnivores like lions or wolves never had the equivalent size of elephants. But if so, they will go extinct because they can not catch enough prey to satisfy the energy needs of the body.

Social class increases longevity

The Nobel Prize-winning scientists live 2 years longer than those who were nominated without winning. The results show that social status has an impact on people's health.

Depressed by the desire to be perfect mothers

Those who are always anxious to become "super mother" are more likely to develop depression.

Mysterious love dream

The dream is often a "compensation" for things we do not achieve in real life. Watch for what the dream says, you can find a romantic life of her reality is gradually make you more satisfied.