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7 ideas to change the kitchen

If you want to bring something new to the cooking space, you can refer to some solution follows.

Stamps pork smells ...

You've never seen stamps actually taste? Inevitably, many will answer "No". But recently, China has issued stamps tasted bitter and salty pork to welcome the New Year of the Pig.

The difference between the hearts of men and women

As an insight into the human heart, the scientists at the Canadian Institute of Health Research has found profound differences in the leading organs of both sexes.

Seductive ways counterproductive man

There are ways you do to impress him, but turned out to backfire and push him farther out.

Quick decisions are usually accurate

An immediate decision is better than brooding problems, when you have to answer quick questions. The new study looked at the process of the brain at high and low levels.

Why do we sleep?

We spent about 1/3 of a lifetime to sleep. The asleep very important to human health - no one can go through several days without sleep. And that is perhaps less well understood action most of our activities.

100 m2 house is cozy thanks to multiple lamps

Architect designed house in Phu Nhuan District, HCMC, polishing every little detail about the light that highlights its nostalgic and warm living space.

Find the source of gigantic flowers

200-year mystery about the location of the world's largest flower in the family tree of the species was finally decoded. The surprised scientists found plants with bright red flowers, 1 m wide and rotting meat odor emanated belong to a family of plants bloom only a tiny flakes.

Hanoi student and Vifotec hat-trick

Day 4/1, entitled "Research manufacturing technology fungus Metarhizium anisopliae sorok preparations for application of plant insect control" of the University student Le Thuy Quyen Orient Vifotec received first prize in 2006.

3-year-old baby's skin is thinner adults 30%

Many parents share the bathroom with her milk, saying through infancy, when children run or started kindergarten, it was possible to use adult products. In fact, up to 3 years old, children are still thin skin than adults to 30%.

Guess loyalty through birth

You have to ask yourself is not really common situation? He has never cheated? They all expressed through your birthday. Read on to know whether you and he both faithful to what extent.

These exciting events in 2006

In Chongqing, China, with a Hmong couple, sells dumplings, are classified Guinness is a quaint family in the world. Wife faced felines, while husbands were the rats.

Reasons for pain during sex girlfriend

Many girls wonder why when asked "her" back pain or severe pain. Fundamental causes and remedial measures below:

Greenhouse effect causing early flowering plants

Some shrubs have the ability to shorten flowering time to adapt to the warming of the climate. This is the first signal of an "evolution explosion" due to the greenhouse effect.

Foreign Languages ​​'hold off' dementia

Age of onset dementia in people who speak at least two languages ​​in the life and work everyday to 4 years higher than those using only one language, Canadian scientists said.