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Detecting military road Roman

Dutch archaeologists have discovered a part of the military road Roman soldiers used to march nearly 2,000 years ago, in order to defend against German troops invaded the northern frontier of the Roman Empire .

How to express personality sneezes

Sneezing is a natural reaction when affected by catalysts such spicy pepper or a symptom of the flu. Whenever sneezes, we "launched" atmosphere 100,000 bacteria. However, it is important that a sneeze is also related to the personality of the person.

Bathrooms changed completely after repair

Old but still in an area of ​​investment home unexpectedly effective for the bathroom.

Eating chocolate fight fatigue

Eating dark chocolate is an effective measure to help combat fatigue. A study from the University of Hull York Medical (UK) confirmed that the quality of cocoa in chocolate help people with chronic fatigue syndrome feel better.

Aliens watch on TV?

Is there life on other planets wisdom? If so, what do space aliens watch on TV? The astronomers are planning to check 1,000 nearby stars for television broadcasts and other signals that could indicate other civilized life.

Self-cleaning clothing

The self-cleaning fabrics could revolutionize the clothing industry. Technology by scientists at the US Air Force can manufacture produce underwear and T-shirts are worn without washing clean for weeks.

Bathrooms changed completely after repair

Old but still in an area of ​​investment home unexpectedly effective for the bathroom.

Amniotic fluid - a new source of stem cells

American scientists have discovered a source of plentiful stem cells from amniotic membrane of pregnant women, can be used to recreate the different types of tissue such as muscle, bone, fat, blood vessel, nerve and liver.

Why do not woodpeckers get headaches?

The pileated woodpecker, the largest species in North America, added to its pull over the top into the trunk with a velocity of 24km / h, 20 times per second. So why not head them in Pieces?

Headache when sex can lead to stroke

Relations headache disorder often as migraine or tension. It can also be signs of hemorrhage, cerebral aneurysm or stroke.

Why you in your home or quarreling?

Many family meeting turned into chaos when the children embarked on squawking. But scientists have found some reasons for the Choe between siblings and how to bring peace to the home.

Early birds to live longer

The birds have large skull as parrots and crows survived better than other tiny friend. That's because we have the ability to regulate the behavior and adapt to environmental change better.

Edit atrophy for patients with kidney

A 30-year-old woman has abnormal blood vessels supplying the kidneys causing kidney atrophied side. She was a doctor 115 People's Hospital (HCM) treated successfully.

Waist - beauty unchanging standards

Beauty of women has always been honored through the ages. However, what makes the appeal of a woman is not fixed and depends on many factors, such as a fashion, culture and even the eyes of the watching.

Collection oldest archaeological Vietnam

Dr. Nguyen Khac Su at the Institute of Archaeology, said his team had dug up the fossil record of ancient creatures from the Culture of Peace, about 10,000 years ago. These objects were recovered from pits excavated Eight villages, Dak Wer commune, Chu Jut district, Dak Nong province.