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Women choose a mate like?

Science can explain why the girls ignorance of Brad Pitt a square jaw or fascinated eyes of George Clooney, but did not pick this guy as a friend for life.

Sad love story of a cat

Only because of that a cat has had to pay with his life. The story starts from a spring in which ...

4 generations in a family of twins

Gwynne twins Jessica and the twins Clara played the 4th generation in her family Melanie Gwynne. This is extremely rare phenomenon, a new case every 4 billion one.

Condoms prevent HIV molecules

Scientists at the University of Utah (USA) have discovered a liquid which, when inserted into the vagina of women, having semen of men, it will turn into a gel, a substance secreted HIV attacks.

Car automatically detect drunk driver

Automakers Toyota of Japan is developing a safety system for cars, in order to detect drunken drivers and automatically shutdown if recognize signs of too much alcohol.

The child was born with a mission to save her

A newly born baby boy in China with the mission to save his sister with leukemia in the cord blood of their rope.

Surfing safer than soccer

Impressive image of the race against the waves brought the sport into risky subjects. But a first calculated in the past year have shown that surfing was actually safer than football and basketball.

Hard to tell stories of women

Should wearing a bra or not, eat cabbage can make breasts bigger, why girls are not broken voice ... is the secret wonder of the female gender. Here are some of the misconceptions and sisters and was the scientists were removed.

The reason you should leave the carpentry

No makeup will become a trend in the coming years, because there are some good reasons for you to do it.

Ministry bedcover and check your heart rate

Bedding monitor heart activity during sleep will be able to help thousands of patients. The sensor in the knee and the station can infer when failing heart stopped beating and risk.

Calf with 2 faces

A "character" would appear at Kirk Heldreth's farm in Virginia, USA, is attracting the attention of the curious. It is a calf with two faces, including two noses, two blades and an eye socket, was born on June 27/12.

Side effects of IUD

As effective contraception, the IUD before or after childbirth also have fewer side effects are known.

Midwifery school with ... robot

Birth rates in South Korea has the lowest level ever. Therefore, the country's medical students are resorting to robots to practice midwifery.

Americans have fatty medicine for dogs

Authority Food and Drug Administration of the United States yesterday through weight loss drug for dogs, in order to reduce the number of obese hoisting her uncle in the country.

8 things women do not know about men and sex

Men also can pretend to the top, not always with sexual excitement and interest in your satisfaction than their own life as "love".