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Panda very fastidious in eating

If you think your small children hardly eat, try giant panda breeding. It takes 4 bamboo hunters who work all day at the Zoo Atlanta, USA, New satisfies Lun Lun the panda couple and Yang Yang. And they are not always satisfied.

9 sexiest science stories in 2006

Caffeine enhance sexual desire, the opposition always attract each other, men often exaggerate the number of people ... is the compelling story related to gender issues this year. Here are 9 featured topics voted by LiveScience.

People more susceptible mole breast cancer

Women aged 15 or more moles on one arm at high risk of breast cancer, according to new research.

Magical ability of the fetus

When fetal formation, immediately it was "sink" into the world full of color and sound, not to mention the different flavors. The scientists found that the fetus is capable of a sponge, because of "absorption" of diverse information that quite easily.

Fear causes cancer

The intrepid, adventurous will help you avoid the disease, at least in cancer. This is the latest conclusions of the scientists at Pennsylvania State University, US, from a study of laboratory mice.

Want to get money for social insurance as the company bankrupt

I worked there for 3 years 11 months severance certification company. The company just delivered to my social insurance book without closing the window.

Vacuuming with ... shoes

Vacuum cleaners were invented an invaluable support for the housewife, but now the cleanup work will become part doubly convenient because the machines are attached to her shoe. When moving, the machine will automatically operate, and moreover, you have a chance to reduce the waistline.

When the boss reneged

Today, people go back to work after the New Year holiday. But for many people, this means they will again face the bad boss. A survey in the US showed that almost 2/5 of the boss reneged and more than 1/4 of their staff gossiping with colleagues.

6 tips to encourage more romantic guy

Your love is a lull. He gradually less attention to you? Here are a few tips to make him romantic and more interested in you.

10. The possibility of animal magic

You correct that human intelligence. But did you know that there's a certain sense we can compare with animals. We can see through the darkness, listening with bladder, smell the tongue. Discover the exciting story follows.

Set goals for the new year according to the date of birth

Traditional pose determination in the new year from the time of ancient Babylon. People there believe that the action on the first day of the year will affect the next 12 months. Later, people set goals as a look back at the past and vowed to do better in the future.

The boy was peeling like fish scales

Rare skin disease caused 18-month-old boy thickening, peeling every day and have regular eye drops investigation to be able to blink.

The future depends on the past

Ability to daydream about our future is closely linked to the ability to relive the past, and even depend on it. A new study helps explain the bizarre phenomenon of amnesia.

Why do we snore?

Irritating sound of snoring that can wake the sleeping most people. But your sleeping you did not do you wake up.

Facebook's office in Sydney

Paintings on the walls, the furniture is not repeated bring a sense of freedom, comfort for employees.