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Potentially predictive care

Somehow, the North American red squirrels can predict cyclical fluctuations of food. This species usually lay one more litter in the spring of the year to take advantage of a bumper surplus grain, the scientists said.

The mysterious death of a number of stars

As a farewell song of the universe, most of the big stars will explode, turning into a super giant fireball and releasing energy when they die. But the astronomers discovered a strange stars: they quietly disappeared in the darkness of the universe.

The secret of successful marriage

Married when you were 25 years old, do not have children in the first year after the wedding, there are jobs with stable income ... is a prerequisite to ensure successful marriage.

The flowers speak

From now on, the flower plugged in will be able to chat with people, with the help of Hana kotoba toys. The company produces this equipment in Japan, so the flowers will speak Japanese.

Gait and personality

Everyone has their posture. So step, rhythm or posture in everyday communication can tell the personality characteristics and their specific mentality.

10 tips to help save housing costs

Choose the time to build houses on the sunny season will have many advantages: construction time without interruption, reduce the cost of expenses incurred as storekeepers, protection, material loss, depreciation, electricity .. .

Why people cry when hurt?

Yelp, the dog says something is wrong with it. It is an evolutionary tool extremely effective, especially when words become difficult, especially in infants. However, adults also like to pay attention to pain.

Promiscuous queens because descendants

Search multiple males to mate makes honeybees princess takes a lot of effort and time. In addition, it also put us at risk her as bait for others and infectious diseases. But all that did not avert the danger of bees.

Girls approach you prefer

Be aware of her place and time often comes, remember that do it really subtle. Do not make her think you're tracking, stalking her.

Fist mate helps reduce stress

If you are stressed, the girls do not need to register for a course or find yoga acupuncture physician. Just clench your hands mate, they will quickly feel stable.

Tracing Earth-like planets

The first mission to the planet in search of qualified human life as the earth was departing yesterday, started the journey lasted 2½ years.

The color of the birthday

Each day students bring a corresponding color. This color will partly reflects your personality. Try to see how you are offline.

The sound diversity of fish species

More and more scientists discovered many unusual mechanism of the fish when creating mysterious whisper, growl or pounding to attract mates and scare away enemies.

Family prohibits taking wife left man

We are together after his wife left. After many conversations and meetings said, we love each other or not since.

Five students and working style

Chinese astrology that each individual is compatible with a number of people and conflict with others. You can use this knowledge to maintain harmony in the workplace.