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Amphibians can sniff underwater

People always believe that amphibians mammals can not smell when they dive into the water. But US scientists have discovered that the mouse nose back in North America capable of sniffing underwater prey by releasing air bubbles from its mouth.

Acid rain is not always harmful

When acid rain decreased, the microorganisms in streams, rivers and land with favorable opportunities for development. However, the absence of acid rain can also cause a lot of environmental problems, the scientists warn.

Consider before accepting love him

Maybe you really love a person, even love him. Try to answer the following questions to make sure your choice is right.

Twin pandas in Japan

A Chinese baby pandas at the zoo were twins in Japan, bringing the total number of pandas born from artificial insemination this year to a record 30.

Insects disguise to escape predators

A butterfly in Costa Rica uses a unique measure to escape when I met jumping spiders, which are mimic the appearance and behavior of predators. In turn, must also disguise jumping spider species is to prevent them eating meat.

Great reason to choose cycling

There is a way to help you save money, cut pollution and keep slim, that's cycling.

The speed of light can be slowed

Quantum computers use photons instead of electrons will become a reality when the researcher of NTT (Japan) extended travel time of light to store data.

The Chinese use different brain Westerners

Chinese people use the right hemisphere than in the West due to the characteristics of the syllables in Chinese. It is a discovery of researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China.

Interesting games can teach children announced

Let's play outdoors as much as possible: The father were riding on the sidewalk edge, climbing trees, swimming, soccer, badminton, rollerblading, cycling, kite flying ...

Detecting tiny bacteria

Scientists from the University of California (USA) have discovered bacteria that is believed to form the smallest living cells ever known. They are present in an environment that is considered "life can not exist" - Shasta District deserted mines.

Gibbons 'singing' to repel the enemy

When the white-handed gibbon discovered a leopard lurking around the corner, instead of secret monitoring, species of primates will quietly approaching suspicious man and shouted a long colon.

Mobile Pocket affect sperm pants

The number of sperm and their motility is affected by habits of mobile phone he left in his pocket, according to research results.

Breasts speak personality

Scientists gender Yonis Ronal recently revealed on his work that: The shape of the breast, nipple, the color of the nipples and breasts have extremely close contact with nature the woman.

Her personality over food

People like to eat chocolate with generous hearts. People like eaten all kinds of irritability impregnated again, the cravings quickly bored. Pay attention to how her food preferences are. From there, you will discover how he calculated.

3 tips for feeling a little enlargement

Measuring just 18 m2 house but the owner is very happy to be living in your space right the sort used by many functional furniture ...