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Not a natural talent that has

A 35 year long study suggests to me you became a genius is not just naturally gifted. It is a combination of cognitive, learning opportunities, passion and hard work.

10 things not to say to singles

Before advising single friends, consider these things touch whether narcissism or affect friendship of two people do not.

Male crickets have to choose between life and love

Cry or not cry, it's always a difficult question for the male crickets. Because the cry could bring them love, but can also be death.

Most Americans 'eating before gong'

In the US, both men and women are almost having sex before marriage. According to the authors, the study is just a fact proven again. The "cohabitation" was a common behavior for the vast majority of Americans for decades.

3m turn the facade into luxury accommodation

On an area of ​​30 m2 in Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City, the owner built the house cherished classic European architecture but not too cumbersome details.

Women initiative 'love'

He showed a lot of thirst for a little rebellious wife so that they understand that you are willing to participate with their enthusiasm. However, should not require excessive. The revealing of you that would make him scared me.

Birthday weaknesses revealed as love

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. You can get an idea about his personality and family through the birth. Try exploring.

When I asked 'adult conversation'

Babies grow up and sooner or later will ask parents about "adult conversation". Many parents shy and evade questions of this type.

Moths drink the tears of birds

A moth in Madagascar tentacle poked in the eye hook the birds are sleeping to draw tears. This is the first time scientists witnessed the tears of birds butterflies feed.

A white dwarf tore a planet

An asteroid was ripped into pieces and disappear after moving to a white dwarf closely. The ill-fated planet might have been dragged towards the white dwarf star by the gravitational pull of a planet or not seen, the astronomers said.

Dust exposure increases the risk of autism

Exposure to air pollution can lead to adverse changes in the brain, similar to the phenomenon of neurodevelopmental disorders in patients with autism.

A civil defense fire engines manufactured

A mobile fire vehicles have been his 500 liter Tran Khac Trung, captain of the US civil defense Lam Commune, Hon Dat District, Kien Giang successfully fabricated. Show cars were local authorities and put into use, the room when the fire occurred.

Artificial Eye has nearly five millennia

The archaeologists at the Burnt City (southeast Iran) has detected an artificial eye has approximately 4,800 year-old. It belonged to a very young woman at that time.

Comets - Mysteries of the Universe

Comets often associated with a certain bad omens. In 1997, the appearance of the Hale-Bopp comet triggered a collective suicide of a group of fanatics, they claim that the apocalypse has arrived.

These foods cause dyslipidemia

Animal fats, red meat, organ ... animals are at risk foods raise cholesterol, cause dyslipidemia, leading to cardiovascular disease, hypertension or gout ...