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Wine and beer festival sexual ancient Egyptians

Listening through, it seems to be the festival of rebellious youths: People gulping beer indulge, eat them, smashed, immersed in the endless rain clouds. They woke up the next morning in the music loudly and praying for everything nice.

Poisonous insects using poison

Some species of plant toxins accumulate in the body to fight insect infestation. But some insects can still eat poisonous plants. Their secret is simple: Hoarding poisons in the body of the tree.

Great effects of love

Through love, the capital excitable and nervous tension becomes benign, self-confidence and look to the outside world a lot more positive.

Photo beautiful women eating less makes

A US study of human nature found strange differences in eating habits of men and women: The image viewer a flawless body makes women reduce rations, but as men overeat.

Dream in mice

When the mouse curled to sleep, they "rewind film" about the day's activities - a status which scientists believed to correspond to the human dream.

10 men desire true understanding wife

The most feared man despise his wife, they enjoy sex more is not to satisfy the desire for a wife longing.

Sweet Wheat birth

Food Research Organization, National Agricultural Japanese (NARO) on 12/12 claimed to have produced sweet wheat crops, with sugar content of wheat is double the usual.

Most healthy nanofibers appear

The scientists said it has created nanowires strongest ever, reached their theoretical limits set. Fibers 1,000 times thinner than a human hair, and if 1 cm in diameter is sufficient to raise 16 African elephants.

Simple inexpensive remedies flu treatment

It takes about 20 minutes, and less than 10,000 a day, you've got all the flu medication surprisingly effective. All you need is blueberries, turmeric and honey.

Lizard fossil discovered in China the first 2

The paleontologist France and China have found the fossil of a reptile living in China 2 beginning 150 million years ago.

6 of the strange side effects of sex

Have you ever wondered why I sleep immediately after having sex or why can not pee ... It's two of the strange side effects of sex.

Why dogs and people know each other?

Barking dogs have in common with birds singing and children crying: Equal to communicate basic emotions such as fear, oppression or acquiescence, in the similar sound characteristics.

Komodo dragons 'that her husband is not pregnant'

Largest lizards world likely to give birth without male. Scientists have recorded two cases of the Komodo dragon spawn independent.

How to become great dads

Being a good father is one of the most important achievements in the life of man.

These tips help is 'dominant' world

Is always the first uninvited appearance after the barbecue. In anywhere you can see them. Rather than upset, better that we should find out why ants can live in almost every corner of the planet.