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Cooking at home will be healthier

Those who regularly cook will have better diet than those who never set foot in the kitchen. But today's young people rarely eat at home.

10 things parents should teach children about life

There are many things parents should teach their children to follow throughout life. Take a look and think about the things you should teach the following:

COLOUR dog show personality

Can predict the personality of a dog based on its color, at least with the dog mugs smooth, natural swing of England. The latest research shows that the red-gold hair aggressive behavior, the most ferocious.

Warming Climate Change 'love' of seals

Status warming caused severe damage to many animals, but the gray seals guy then rolls complain at all - for it to make their sex life more nice.

Fasting 8 days per year to help support the immune system

Entire immune system of a person can be refreshed by vegetarian 8 days a year.

Smart people to eat vegetables than meat eaters

A study of thousands of people in England showed that the vegetarians who have an IQ higher than 5 points compared to meat eaters. Experts suggest that the regime could eat more fruits and vegetables promote mental capacity.

Cables turn sunlight into electricity

In the not too distant future, the dream to create a wire capable of turning sunlight into electricity will become a reality, Japanese scientists claim.

Age started deworming for children

My baby girl 26 months, weighing 10 kg, 84 cm high. I was worming it yet? Can I buy medicine to purge the baby okay?

Birthday affect driving

Whether you how careful behind the wheel or experienced anywhere, then Horoscope still stronger impact your ability to have encountered a traffic accident on the road or not.

Why do teenagers do stupid things?

Young people growing up like doing crazy things. They use stimulant drugs, sex is not safe, drove recklessly in a state of drunkenness, and pretended to sleep when it's time to wash the dishes.

Who knows sniff traces

People also have the ability to trace the smell of the grass on a crane-like species, and this capability will be significantly improved through the training process, the US scientists said.

Recipes energized Express

Do you often feel tired? You are dependent on a cup of coffee to be able to awake in the morning?

Mini spy plane simulation dragonfly

In the next few years, the French soldiers will be equipped with a mini spy plane drone named "dragonfly". It has size 6 cm, used in urban areas.

Birds can convert voice to survive in the city

Corn songs of sparrows in cities with faster rhythms and high-pitched than those living in the forest, two Dutch scientists said.

5 tips inexpensive to decorate the house

If you want something new for accommodation but do not have much money, can apply one of the following ways.