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Women still 'lone' in the house

Women today little more help in raising children and doing housework, compared to the previous generation. This trend is increasingly highlighted the difficulties of women in balancing work and family.

Why bees cannibalism?

Bees can be cruel relatives. The queen bee of her son eat eggs, worker bees also dine by the brothers eggs. This activity can be frightening to people, but it makes bees more affluent families.

Apartment style using rustic tiles

Located in the trendy neighborhood of London, 114 m2 apartment with skillful combination between modern furnishings and deep space.

Why choose a gift for lovers always difficult?

If you want an MP3 player this Christmas season that people love to buy you the radio, do not despair. A new study confirms understand somebody would not help you guess his or her preferences.

Detecting a star being swallowed by the black hole

A giant black hole shredding and swallowing a star located in the galaxy of our planet by about 4 billion light-years, the scientists at the Agency for Aerospace America

Tips to prevent your partner 'overextend themselves'

Living with a partner with wasteful spending habits really stress. Here are practical ways to help you change the habits of the other half.

More creative people staying up late

You work best at night? Please be assured by a new study suggests that the "night owls" are those who are creative.

10 scariest animals to humans

Maybe you do not believe, but the mosquito is the species kill the most people, followed by the cobra. The big animals such as sharks, lions, elephants can only get a few people online at once, but a poisonous jellyfish that can kill 60 people at a glance.

The summer game called childhood memories

Summer, who grew on the back of the buffalo, with bonfires puberty ... will not forget childhood under pouring rain shower, eat sweet mousse 2 trench.

Ancient Animal flying like a bird

These animals like squirrels glide known contemporary of dinosaurs at least 130 years ago may have dominated the sky like birds. It's a new species was discovered Volaticotherium antiquus.

An important reason you should nap at work

Employers should give employees a nap of 30 to 90 minutes to increase labor productivity, according to an expert on British brain.

Laughing also infected

If you see two people are laughing because a certain story, chances are you also smiled, although aware of this spring. A new study has confirmed laugh was infectious.

Recipes selected gifts for the holiday season

Although choosing a gift is always difficult, but if you pay attention to the clues, you can still choose the suitable gift for loved ones this Christmas.

Fish is good for men how

Men who eat fish regularly are less disease prostate cancer, researchers at the McGill University Health Center (USA) recommends.

Camels can help prevent biological terrorism

If the terrorists intend to use bacteria or toxic chemicals to attack, it is difficult to find them. However, these antibodies in the blood of llamas could quickly detect the type of "weapon" is.