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2007 is the Year of the Dolphin

United Nations Program for Environment (PNUE) has decided 2007 will be the "Year of the Dolphin", aimed at attracting attention to the threats that species of marine mammals are facing, especially fishing nets from some of the European fishermen.

Inhalation of dust more easily arrhythmia

Exposure to air pollution increases the risk of abnormal heart rhythms and blood clot formation in the lungs, especially in the elderly.

Wedding rings made of bones themselves

The couple might have a chance to give each other wedding rings made from their bones are kept in the laboratory. The first such ring was created in England.

Dinosaur scene indoor farming

Hon Hai Precision, the largest electronics manufacturers in Taiwan, has signed a contract with the American company Ugobe to assemble and manufacture of new types of robotic toy dinosaur named Pleo shape.

New love could not forget her ex-boyfriend

And his brother's first love, for 2 years, I actively break up because then found myself not really love.

Watching TV also climate change

Conscientious consumers can regret the harm to the environment due to travel too much. But they do not know that watching TV and carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Why are hiccups?

Hiccups are the convulsions of the diaphragm - the diaphragm in the chest plays an important role in breathing. Inhale as the diaphragm to contract and exhale as the diaphragm relaxes.

Remove paper from time to time

Realizing someday papers will become unnecessary in the office, a group of Canadian chemists have developed a self-erase paper. Information printed on paper will be automatically deleted after a day, allowing the paper to be printed renewed.

What to do when people love to take advantage

Kids 26 years old, 28-year-old boyfriend. I love each other and he had 2 years, but I did not feel love for her much affection, with the advantage of me.

Astrology charm thanks

Remember to talk to injure men have been raised to new heights when she bases both in astrology. You're looking to "knock out" a guy, see what he offers and the application of tactics ahead of the sister.

Chewable pills

You want to find a convenient contraceptive methods but delicious? A first birth control pill was born with a cool minty aroma lets you chew without swallowing.

Do you know anything about girls 'breasts'

Not only pregnancy and breastfeeding your new second round drooped, smoking, lying down also affects the firmness of the breasts.

Alzheimer cat

The old cat disease also develop dementia in the elderly like. The British and American scientists have discovered a key protein in the development of brain nerve cells and cause destruction cat nerve function.

Detecting bats have long tongues record

Anoura fistulata, a rare bat species in Ecuador has developed a impressive blade length, while hanging out with half its body length, for nectar from a flower tropical forests.

Furniture squirm in the apartment of 70 m2

Thanks to the special design, you can use the same TV for the bedroom and living room. Bookcases and stove are also hidden in the wall when not in use.