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Learning how to make flat from butterflies

Butterflies can create exotic colors thanks to the crystal scales on their wings. If mimic their color, people can create a new type of flat screen with ultra-low cost.

Signal your guy to notice other girls

These days, he suddenly mentioned topics shattered emotionally, even asking you questions about the split, then this is a red alert.

Determining friend and foe is how?

When to distinguish allies and enemies based on genetic differences, humans proved inferior ants. These tiny insects can detect differences in genes other men in the same species.

Reduce greenhouse food production

Global agricultural output will drop sharply when the Earth's temperature to rise, causing food shortages in the poorest countries become more serious, experts warn.

There is much to love people age

He was born in 1982, that you were born in 1997, has to love it?

'Revealing' lips

Mirror, see pictures, you find yourself grinning, smiling, chuckled to himself. You try to look at my lips go a little, you will discover that you still have more secrets.

Lefties better gaming

The left-handed one will do better than those who handed the task faster, requiring complex processing of information at the same time or under external influence.

Cancer markers female genitalia often overlooked

According to a new study, most women do not know the signs of genital cancer and unaware of indirect signs such as back pain, increased frequency of urination.

Discovered mummified Egyptian healers

Egyptian archaeologists discovered the mummy of a sweet teacher lived 4,000 years ago in a coffin crafted, comes the bronze surgical instruments.

Feathers colored by food

A new analysis of the songbird showed what they eat during molting can affect the color of their fur. The color variation due to the diet also helps to create momentum for the development of new species.

Women also fantasize about sex

These thoughts and fantasies about sex is not completely outlandish or unusual as you might think.

Men and women Ideal

Perfect woman is a nurse brunette with sexy curves from Sheffield. That's survey results on 4,000 people in the UK magazine Grazia implementation, which requires people to list the factors that make a man and woman most attractive.

Neanderthals ate dead meat

Life ancient Neanderthal very harsh. Sometimes they are short of food that if a person dies, the other can compatriots gathered to eat, a recent study shows.

The Truth About 7 parts 'useless' on body

The appendix, tonsils, wisdom teeth ... these are still seen as authority nor, even annoying, but the fact of their existence for a reason.

The favorable time for couples

Sex experts have long said that a satisfying sexual activity depends on the time of "love" for the day. The analysis below will help you choose the right time.