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Astronomical calculation machine ahead of its time

2,100-year-old machine that was salvaged from a shipwreck more than a century ago has now been confirmed as a supercomputer astronomical ancient world, reflecting scientific and technical qualifications master of the ancient Greeks .

5 signs of feng shui

A house feng shui to create space warm welcome at the front door.

Whale-rich language than previously thought

Humpback whales use to 35 sounds in communication activities. We also have the "epic" for finding sexual partners, a study was conducted in Australia shows.

Animals in your birthday

If born in the period from 21/5 to 20/6, you are a deer very confident and attractive surroundings. You like to discuss many topics other than himself.

Cattle do more environmental pollution cars

The livestock sector creates more emissions greenhouse effect than the transport sector. Cattle are also a major cause of the degradation of agricultural land and water contamination, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

10 postures practiced great help more sex

There are special postures are the experts recommended to the body is ready for the moment of sublimation.

Monkey also anointed 'perfume'

That may be the most natural fragrances in the world was discovered in New Mexico forest. What are its components? The answer is saliva and leaf monkeys are chewing.

Condoms upcoming spray

Sexology experts in Germany are planning on launching a condom sprayers meet the requirements of the gentleman in all sizes.

How to solve pressing with husband

I am married to now the 5th year, lives with her husband and family. Crowded house my husband, many children. My mother defended her daughter to face.

'Humans must invade other planets'

Residents on earth should think about the establishment of colonies of planets in other solar systems if not facing extinction, physicist Stephen Hawking British genius statement.

Warning from blood lipid laboratory values

When testing blood fat, the values ​​will be "alert" for clients of the danger signs to timely adjustments to lifestyle or treatment to control blood lipid disorders.

Two butterflies turned into a

Scientists have discovered a new species of butterflies in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of the western United States. This creature is the result of the mating between two completely different moth genetically.

Why homing pigeons know?

The ability of the pigeon postman has been known since ancient Egypt, but until recently it new secrets to be discovered. According to a British study, homing pigeons simply tracing the routes, just like us humans so.

The type of leverage racks corner

The space between the walls is often wasted storage could be a lot of stuff if you know the sort.

Guess the character through drinks

Be Unveiled you like to drink something, you'll know what kind of person he is. Choose one of the following drinks.