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9 reasons why you proud to be women

Women will have many special advantages, and you are born, nourished with many special qualities.

6 facts about acupuncture Obscure

Acupuncture has many effects: lower back pain, neck pain, pain after surgery. It also helps improve digestive problems, menstrual abnormalities, allergies, insomnia ...

Adulterous husband cut his wife 'little boy'

After suffering wife used a razor to cut the penis, male patients born in 1972 were doctors People's Hospital 115 (HCMC) in late 8/3 success.

Eating syndrome bậy

A 12-year-old girl in Long An has been the doctor's Hospital 1, HCMC, hair volume louder detected fist in the stomach.

The cooking harm health

Method unhealthy cooking can cause food poisoning, gain weight and does not provide adequate nutrients necessary for the body.

Lost lover because she was too beautiful friend

I have a friend the same age. The boys always stick together as sam: to work together, go together, even in your first date with her lover, she also led her in.

Breath test could detect breast cancer

Breath testing method is done in just 10 minutes and has the ability to detect breast cancer with equal precision by mammography X-rays.

Assembly procession through the village wells

The young men and women of the village of Xuan Do Ha (stale, Long Bien District, Hanoi) procession around the village took 3 hours, passing the village wells. During the short ride, procession reverse, turn down that bearers, especially the girls, sweating.

Creative ways to keep photos

Hanging corridor photo, printed on the envelope, making underwear cup ... a few different ways that you can apply to your pictures.

9 stages of emotional couple

Ignorance is the first stage in an affair. It all started with an intense attraction and desire can not control the opponent. Both can be attracted about sex or just want to touch, caress each other.

Two luxury apartments in the movie 'My Love from the Star'

Korean film attracts many viewers by the emergence of younger couples beautiful, beautiful girl Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun. Their whereabouts in the movie also admiring audience by the luxury.

'Sex' better than after childbirth

Anxious children significantly reduces the feeling when two people have sex. After having a baby, the purpose of "sex" has shifted from attempting to fully enjoy.

Round beds inconvenient but still beautiful

Special round bed type consuming area, need this kind of gas, blankets are not common, but it is widely used.

Blood tests can help diagnose early dementia

The test allows detection of 10 signs of dyslipidemia, help predict disease risk in the next 3 years with 90% accuracy.

5 steps to avoid blackheads

Blackheads are the result of the accumulation of dirt and grease on the surface. Wash your face with a cleanser good quality will naturally blown dead cells and bacteria.