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Office youthful famous advertising company

Having customers is Google, Coca Cola, Verve very feats in building the new workspace.

Contraceptive pills for men

Just take one pill before the appointment, the gentleman can "fun" safety without fear of pregnant girlfriend. New contraceptive pill for men is the researchers at the University of King, London, England, developed.

These coffins know running

It has been nearly three centuries, the mysterious story around the coffin in the crypt itself displacement of families in Barbados Chase has no answer. The culprit is believed to groundwater, earthquakes, the thief is courageous or even a supernatural mystery.

Camels cause respiratory distress syndrome deadly MERS

MERS virus causing respiratory distress syndrome Middle East (similar to the SARS virus danger) has been found in camels, after a 44 year-old man from Saudi Arabia died of infection.

Paris building wind energy buildings

A French investor has chosen design plan of the American architect to build a skyscraper in Paris impressed with challenging elevation Eiffel Tower. A special feature is part of a building's energy will be produced by wind.

Speak limited saucer eaters

Ukrainian scientist has invented a dish reminding those who eat a lot too, by speaking out: "Stop it. The extra pounds are not enough?".

Bees can detect bombs

US scientists say they have succeeded in teaching honeybee stinger up to only fight when they smell explosives. This tiny insect can become powerful assistant for security personnel at public places.

Benefits of Meat

Brain health supported by healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids. Foods containing these substances are preferably derived from animals.

Ancient monster shark chewed

It was a long 10 m of sea creatures, weighing 4 tons and has sharp teeth opened suddenly with a severe bite forces up to 5 tons. Animals can chew anything in the ocean fall into the sights of it.

Strong brands into the brain more easily grip

The human brain reacts quickly to the famous brands, but takes a long time and more energy to identify lesser-known brand, whether it is empty, the German scientists confirmed .

10 expression like you accuse him

Sometimes good men do not express their feelings and to understand the complex psychology of women. You have to recognize signals from the guy?

Wheelchair controlled by thought

A young woman, sitting in a wheelchair, think about pulling a wheelchair the other to the left, then push it forward. Like magic, the car moving in the right order in her brain.

Everyone has a characteristic odor

There are many reasons to believe that all of us have distinct odors. The dog, pets or police dogs, are able to recognize each person by their smell. And the connection between mother and baby was tight with body odor.

The reason eye dark circles

Dark circles under the eyes is one of the issues of health and beauty offensive to millions of men and women worldwide.

Global warming is causing the alligators 'dull'

Temperature rising climate increases the number of crocodiles and alligators reduce male numbers. This scenario could push some crocodiles into extinction.