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Can produce fuel from CO2

Carbon dioxide (CO2), a gas with "contribution" to the state's largest current climate change. But chemists are hoping that they can turn it into useful fuel, with the support of the sun.

Families are classified under the work

Millions of couples are trying to build relationships with peers instead of with his mate.

Fleas do ... Circus

Body only 1.5-1.6 mm long but extraordinary health fleas. We can push the heavier ball 30 times myself, can shoot the wooden horse within which weight 20,000 times their average body weight.

Spouses often have identical DNA

People always think of individuals with personality opposites attract each other more often, reality shows that the DNA of identical couples than others.

Animal fetus pictures first 3D

Using 3D ultrasound with the aid of computer graphics and tiny cameras, a team of international scientists first recorded work was the image of the fetus in the womb animals, development process from conception to the moment of birth.

Collective singing helps to communicate better

If you are having difficulty in finding the words to say, maybe you should join a choir Singing group will help those who suffer from aphasia talk is easy.

Interior finishing more than 70 m2 apartment with 50 million

With a moderate amount, the owner of an apartment in Vung Tau still fully furnished and tidy thanks arranged logically know.

5 most harmful food

The gerontologists have found 5 foods cause the most damage to human health, increases in cholesterol and fat in the body.

Beautiful images of wild birds

The rare wild birds and unique are recorded through photographs of amateur photographers, from flamingos are asleep, to pay ibis try balancing on a ledge ...

New wife fled twenties sex story

Many times you exchanged with his wife that "the couple must have sex," but his wife told "where spouses love each necessarily have sex".

Electricity production from CO2

Carbon dioxide (CO2) pumped through hot rock layers can turn drives a turbine generator and produce electrical current, a US scientist said. This finding may help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases due to the thermal power plant emissions.

Sitting on his back is the best 135

Sitting up straight is not the best position for office workers. According to Canadian researchers and Scotland, upright posture 90 degrees will create unnecessary pressure on the back. The best posture is slightly leaning backwards - about 135 degrees.

Mother's amniotic fluid contribute to autism in children

Exposure to high concentrations of male sex hornome in the womb increases the risk of autism in boys, according to new research at the University of Cambridge, UK.

Headset uses the human body as conductor

Research Center at Tokyo's Sony Corporation has just found a way to connect the headset to the device play music and portable video projector without having to use wires. Their solution is simple: use the human body as objects to hear the audio signal transmission.

Why do men have a television?

Parts that remind us that sex is something transparent, even from before birth. Whether you are whatever the sex, then everyone starts are female while in the womb.